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National Parks


Uganda is home to over 300 species of mammal, 1050 bird species, up to 1000 different plant and tree species among other attractions that can be found within 10 national parks spread across the country. The magnificent landscapes, rain forests, and enormous water bodies have been reserved for tourism over the past few years and this has really generated huge income for the government as well as creating employment opportunities and market for locals. The impenetrable Bwindi forest is a UNESCO heritage site home to over half the population of surviving mountain gorillas in the world while the Murchison Falls Park is home to the strongest falls on the nile and one of the best destinations for game drives, boat trips and primate tracking in Uganda. The mountain parks of Elgon and Rwenzori offer adventure seekers the thrill of a lifetime while Kibale Forest is the best park for primate lovers and nature enthusiasts. Travel north to the Kidepo Valley, home to the largest herd of buffaloes and the ancient Karamajong tribe.Uganda car rental with a driver

From primate tracking, game drives, boat trips to adventure mountain hiking, nature walks and visits to local communities, Uganda national parks will give you a memorable safari experience in Africa. All our guided Uganda tours and safari expeditions are conducted in comfortable 4×4 safari cars accompanied by a well-trained safari guide who has been to the majority of the national parks several times.

Below are some of the top national parks you can visit on a driver-guided or self drive road trip in Uganda.




Bwindi National Park

Home of the mountain gorillas

Kibale Forest Park

Home to chimpanzees & 12 other primates

Lake Mburo Park

Game drives, birding , nature walks & launch trips

Murchison Falls Park

Game drives, boat cruise to falls bottom, hiking, bird watching

Queen Elizabeth Park

Game drives, boat cruise along Kazinga channel, primates & birds

Kidepo Valley

Game drives, birding, Karamajong community visits, Hiking

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