June 12, 2024

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Self Drive Trips

A self drive adventure is one of the most exciting road trips in the world ideal for solo travelers, couples and families looking for that affordable private trip. The feeling you get knowing you are in control of the trip is what adds spice to self drive trips in Uganda- you can drive to any destination of your choice at your own pace and time plus you cut off driver hire costs ensuring you save some money.

Uganda self drive trip

A self drive trip in Uganda is made easy with the good transport and communication network meaning you can easily explore the country with the help of a rental GPS or Google Maps no matter the city, suburb or remote destination.

There are a variety of destinations in Uganda ideal for self drive trips and below are some of the most visited and popular locations including cities and parks.


Kampala City

Explore Buganda cultural sites, musuem, historic religious sites…

Entebbe City

Airport views, Uganda zoo, beahes & botanical gardens

Bwindi National Park

Home of the mountain gorillas

Jinja Town

Eastern Uganda- Adventure Capital

Murchison Falls Park

Game drives, boat cruise to falls bottom, hiking, bird watching

Kibale Forest Park

Home to chimpanzees & 12 other primates

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi & Island trips

Lake Mburo Park

Game drives, birding , nature walks & launch trips

Queen Elizabeth Park

Game drives, boat cruise along Kazinga channel, primates & birds

Kidepo Valley

Game drives, birding, Karamajong community visits, Hiking


Northern Uganda


Western Uganda Switzerland Of Africa

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