June 13, 2024

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Uganda today is a famous destination in the whole world for hosting adventurous and fun packed experiences for many travelers. Many people flood the country every year to explore and be part of the beautiful culture of the Ugandan people. There is so much this country feature and for this reason it was called the Pearl of Africa. To visit many of these beautiful sites , you must hire a car in Uganda to travel in the most comfortable way with best type of vehicles appropriate for your trip. Uganda Car Rental Services is a rental agency that is available in Uganda and allows all clients to choose the best car for their journey. Enjoy the chance of choosing a car to hire in Uganda based on your trip needs with Uganda Car Rental Services , whether you are travelling on business purposes, safari adventure, group-` travel or solo traveler, there is car type that fits your budget and Size.

Saloon Cars

Available car Categories

Many travelers prefer saloon cars because they are easy to manage in terms of driving for those on self drive in Uganda and are very economy friendly in terms of fuel.  One can hire a car in Uganda under the saloon car category and enjoy a lot of drive and as well see many things. Saloon cars can be highly recommended for business trip and trips not far off the unbeaten tracks. You can hire a saloon car with driver at an affordable rate or even be more independent with self drive. Examples of car types in this category include;  4×4 Rav4, Premio, Raum, Wish, corona, Alteza, Benz and so many more.


The sport Utility Vehicles are the best choice when it comes to travelers heading the tough terrain and visiting the most remote areas of Uganda. When you choose car hire in Uganda to National Parks then opting for a safari land cruiser gives you many advantages against bad road, bad weather and sharp stones in particular areas. Hire a land cruiser prado in Uganda on self drive or with driver and be rest assured that your trip is a success. All SUVs are 4×4 categories many of them have been customized for wildlife safaris with rooftop, raise underbody with off road tires, air conditioning, electric fridge and adjustable seats.  Examples under SUVs; land cruiser prado, Nissan Patrol, Land cruiser VX, Safari land cruiser extended and many more.


Are you looking at traveling in groups or you are thinking of carrying a lot of luggage, hire a van in Uganda for your safari in Uganda. Many of these min vans have seating capacity of 7-10 people with comfortable seats, enough leg room, air conditioning, some are customized with roof top and they are perfect quality for any destination in Uganda. Many car rental agencies offer safari vans with drivers only but you can inquire for self drive vehicle in case you need it.

To hire a car in Uganda for the best quality vehicle, send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us directly at 0700135510

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