May 27, 2024

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Easter Holidays

Ways To Spend Your Easter Holiday In Uganda

It is so memorable and exciting to spend special holidays like Easter, Christmas and many more holidays in a place where you and your family or loved one will love and have the best of the holidays. Uganda is search a warm and gracious destination to spend your long Easter holiday weekend in. Because of its great hospitality and beautiful nature, it stands out as a great family destination among other countries on the continent of Africa. There is nothing more satisfying than a holiday trip that accomplishes all your fantasies and desires. Uganda is the most popular tourist destination in Africa due to its amazing views and outstanding natural beauty. This April enjoy safari  holiday in Uganda’s National parks at discounted offers and have a chance to  meet a lot of wildlife that Uganda harbors among which are the lions, elephants, Zebras, buffaloes, cheetah, leopards, Nile crocodiles, Gorilla and chimpanzee tracking. For family fun packed activities, try out some water sport activities including visits to Uganda’s top waterfalls, fresh water bodies, boat cruises, Nile jet, kayaking, and boat ride to the source of the Nile, sport fishing, beach volley ball, quad biking and a lot more.

Many recreation centers have been opened up in different parts of the country with thrilling activities best for both adults and children. Do not think of leaving your children behind, we have them covered as well. Uganda does not only present epic safari  holiday, but the country  is reach in culture, try  out the local dishes for which ever part of the country you  want to  visit, enjoy peanut sauce with roasted beef, chicken stew and beef stew accompanied by Matooke, rice potatoes, yams, the cuisine here is so mouthwatering. Different regions of the country show case different cultures and styles of life right from the food, way of life, language and lot more.

Your choice of accommodation during your holiday also has a lot to do with the success of your trip. Every part of Uganda, right from Kampala the capital city, there are well sett hotels, motels, furnished apartments, homes for you. Whether you want a private stay, quite peaceful environment or adventurous fun shared facility, we have you covered.

Whether you are looking for a self drive trip with your family, we have variety of vehicle options from saloon 4×4 vehicles, family vans and comfortable SUVS. Self catering facilities close to city centers are available as well camping options with fully stocked camping gear.

Enjoy seasonal offers this Easter Period, whether you want a complete safari package or just Uganda car hire services, we shall be glad to offer you the best holiday. To book your Easter holiday  in Uganda, send us an inquiry at or call directly +256700135510, +256414699459

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