May 27, 2024

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Bundibugyo district is located in the western region approximately 32 km to the west of fort portal and 72 km to the north of Kasese. The district is bordered by DRC to the north and west, Ntoroko to the Northeast, Kibale to the East and South to the Kabalore district. there are so many tourist attractions including cultural sites that are majorly tombs of the deceased kings of the Toro kingdom like( kihumuro , bukonda , nyamarumba), waterfalls (kahuriro falls ) . Bundibugyo has the largest number of caves and scenic rocks that were former homes of refugees during the tribal wars including nyaruhansi hill, Mirambi hill, and Mutengesa hill. The district is the location for two of the national parks in the country including mount Rwenzori national park well known for its equatorial snowcapped peaks and Semliki national park with the hot springs. Bundibugyo practices subsistence agriculture where crops like sorghum, millet, sweet potatoes, beans and Gnuts as well as cash crops including cocoa making Bundibugyo the largest cocoa grower in the country . Bundibugyo has around 10 accommodations establishments so you don’t have to worry about the night and these include kibale guest house, kibale hotel and many others.

Find a cheap car rental in Bundibugyo with some of our lowest prices guaranteed .Uganda Car Rental Services offers a wide range of car hire services including self drive and driver hire. Send your inquiry or call company phone numbers; +256700135510, + 256 414-699459

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