July 20, 2024

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Ssese Islands

The Ssese islands are a group of eighty four islands that are located northwest of Lake Victoria which is known to be the largest fresh water body in Africa and second largest in the whole world. The islands are divided into two groups which are separated by the Koome channel; the islands in the southwest are termed as Bugala following the name of the largest island Bugala whereas the islands in the Northeastern section are termed as Koome group following the Koome island which is the largest in the southwestern section. Bugala Island is the best developed among others with its main town as Kalangala which is the main headquarter for district also called Kalangala. Kalangala is located 51km from the main land in southwest Entebbe, Wakiso district. The Bugala group consists of Bufumira, Bukasa, Funve, Bubeke and Serinya islands whereas the main islands in the Koome group are Koome, Luwaji and Damba. Bugala is best developed for tourism and commercial purposes. Thousands of people flock this island annually for its great and relaxing facilities, like have time on the sand beaches, accommodation is great and a mouthwatering dish of tilapia from Lake Victoria. The island can be accessed by ferries from the Nakiwogo landing site in Entebbe or Makasa which take approximately 5 hours. Or one can use a speed boat which takes approximately one. Rent a car to explore the best of Ssese islands with Uganda car rental services.

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