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Why Hire a Tourist Vehicle for Your Next Park Safari.

Once you’ve arrived in Uganda as your tourist destination, you’ll need to switch from airplanes to Tourist vehicles for road transfers, self-drive and game drives, the design and purpose of these vehicles are specifically to enhance your game viewing experience in game drives, so you’ll see features like extra-large windows, comfortable seating, cargo space, customized and an extended body like the Land cruisers and pop-up roofs. If you’re going on a specialist photographic tour, you’ll notice features like padded bars or sandbags to rest your camera on.

Our tourist vehicles at Mumwe Global safari and Uganda car rental services generally vary depending on the type of safari you’re on, some vehicles are completely open and others can close up to make long-distance road transfers more comfortable, On self-drive to lodges or camps, you’ll enjoy game drives in specially adapted Tourist vehicles, Rugged and tough, these 4X4s are usually closed vehicles and some are open-sided and seating six to eight guests on seats to give everyone a great view. In Uganda, Tourist vehicles tend to be more closed for road transfers as well as off-road game viewing. Open-sided window 4×4 Land Cruisers and Super customs are mostly used with comfortable seating. Our tourist vehicles allow you to feel ‘closer to the wilderness – sounds and smells are easier to pick up – and offer greater visibility and unobstructed opportunities for photography. Tourist Vehicles or the fleet at Uganda car rental services and Mumwe Global safari are generally best for a long safari in Uganda; this is mostly because in Uganda, Tourist and Safari vehicles are permitted in certain areas such as on the roads between the national parks and some areas of the parks. Most safari destinations in Uganda have extensive road networks and therefore closed vehicles are usually the norm when doing long-distance road transfers between airstrips, camps and lodges. A closed game drive vehicle generally has three rows of seating and features a pop-top roof hatch which can be raised for game viewing and taking photographs, although equipped Land cruisers with five seats, these safari vehicles only accommodate four to five people to ensure that everybody’s got a window seat. A large pop-up roof is generally standard to ensure uninterrupted views and great photographic opportunities. Our mobile expeditions and camping safaris make use of these tourist vehicles, seating up to five or four people, they have space for luggage – either on the roof or in a trailer – and their ruggedness means you can access wild and off-the-beaten-path destinations with relative ease. This is why you should hire a Tourist vehicle for your Next Park Safari.

 Comfortable seating.

According to Mumwe Global Safaris, our fleets have comfortable seats that can help to make long road trips far more pleasant, Comfortable seats should not only have a plush feel but also be roomy and provide you with enough support since the short test drives can only tell you so much about how well you fit into our tourist vehicle’s seats, we’ve compiled a list of the tourist vehicles with the most comfortable seats to provide you with a better understanding safari. When do we feel the most comfortable in our tourist vehicles? This is where you sit back and relax when on a safari or Brace yourself! There are different types of tourist vehicles at Uganda car rental services that are most comfortable for your safari while you listen to the radio and read a book. You get to feel refreshed through your safari.

 Pop up roof

The Land cruiser Tx, Gx and Super customs at Mumwe Global Safaris come with a Pop-up rooftop and others with rooftop tent without compromising the special views of a sunroof giving you an opportunity to take some of the most amazing safari scenes without stepping out of your car Aluminum pop up sleeping roof in stable lightweight construction, Two powerful gas springs for easy raising, Proven tent material in breathable, Roof shell resilient and walkable up to 100kg roof load, Better insulation in comparison to the original roof, Custom-made for diverse tourist vehicles.

Cargo space

Our fleets at Uganda car rental services have Modern SUVs as tourist vehicles that offer a terrific combination of comfort, safety, technology, and driving dynamics. Many of these tourist vehicles are designed to haul a family and all their gear, but without the driver having to worry too much about how it’s all going to fit. Our tourist SUVs vehicles offer more efficient packaging that yields better cargo space. Our lists of tourist vehicles are based on maximum cargo space.

Wheel drive mechanism

Our tourist vehicles have a two-axle vehicle drivetrain capable of providing torque to all of its wheels simultaneously, If you are climbing a steep hill or are off-roading, you will want increased power in order to get over obstacles and climb steep hills, if you are off-roading you will probably want the extra power that comes with 4WD, 4WD improves traction in dangerous driving conditions, such as rocks, madly areas and other scenarios that can make control difficult. By engaging both sets of wheels, traction and control improve, 4WD is great for those who like off-roading, our Tourist vehicles only at Uganda car rental services and Global safari can do that, hire a tourist vehicle now, you will greatly benefit from four-wheel drive.

Customized and an extended body

Our fleet of tourist vehicles is pretty much made for off-roading; there are tons of Land cruisers with extended bodies for hire in Global safari and Uganda car rental services just waiting for you to hire away on an adventure! The land cruisers have been thoroughly inspected and restored to keep it in working order, When deciding on what tourist vehicle you should hire consider the extended body land cruisers and super customs at Mumwe global safari that have some features you might want for your tourist vehicles: Automatic transmission, Vintage Air A/C and heater system, 4-wheel disc brake system, seatbelts, ARB air lockers front and rear, LED fog lights, Fabricated front and rear bumpers as well as fenders.

Planning to visit Uganda this season for a safari and would love to get the best car, the above reasons show why you definitely need to hire a tourist vehicle for a safe and comfortable road trip to any park or attraction of your choice. You can contact us now by sending an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us now on +256-700135510.


-Mandatory temperature screening

-Mandatory hand washing / sanitizing

-Government guidelines of carrying half capacity to be observed

-Large groups exceeding 20 people shall not be permitted in the park

-Visitors to National parks are encouraged to carry their own sanitizers and face masks.

By Allan Ategeka

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