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Kampala City Tour

Mumwe Global Safaris organizes guided tours in Kampala city for solo travelers, couples , families as well as small groups looking to experince the culture and rich history of Uganda. The tour offers you chance to sample the way of life of the locals as you learn about the rich cultural and political history of Uganda. Trip features visits to top local attractions in Kampala including Buganda heritage sites, religious and political sites around town. There are plenty of destinations and attractions to visit in Kampala , just let us know what you prefer and we will organize a tour that fits your budget and personal needs.


Kabaka’s palace
Located on the Mengo hill which was called after the local word “olubengo” in singular meaning  the grinding stone and Mengo when they are many, due to the many grinding stones that where on this hill. The kabaka’s palace locally known as “Twekoobe” sits on Mengo hill overlooking the city. The palace was attacked by the soldiers of Idi Amin who was the president by then, forcing the king into exile in Britain. There is so much in the palace that can bring memories to the natives staying with in the palace and the local people as well. Visit the torture chambers where Amin used to imprison the soldiers of war and all people that were supporting the Kabaka. Some the prisoners left messages written on the walls to their families and friends before they were killed.
Still at the palace visit the fire place at the main entrance of the palace. It is believed that this fire must keep burning all day and all night unless the king passes away.  Right opposite the palace gate, a mile away is the Buganda parliament” Bulange” which holds all the history and current political status of Buganda.

Kabaka’s lake
Currently this is the biggest man-made lake in Uganda. It was dug in 1885 during the reign of Kabaka Mwanga. The main aim was to connect Buganda to Lake Victoria directly. Many visitors today flock the banks of this lake to view the beautiful birds

National Museum
The Uganda Museum is the oldest Museum in East Africa, exhibiting traditional life of early man and his lifestyle and natural history. The museum holds so much of Uganda’s cultural history through all kingdoms and their setups. Behind the museum building are huts that depict the indigenous people and their way of living, almost each tribe in Uganda has a hut representing it.

The Baha’i temple
The Baha’i temple is such a beautiful place to visit while on your trip around the city. The flowery gardens and the beautiful architectural designs of the temple leave all visitors in awe and wonder. This is the only Baha’i temple in the whole of Africa. This is a place everyone should visit.

Rubaga Cathedral
Rubaga cathedral is also known as Saint Mary’s cathedral. It is the oldest Roman Catholic Cathedral in Uganda sitting on Lubaga hill. This hill was once occupied the 30th king of Buganda Kabaka Mutesa 1, but he relocated to Mengo hill when this place was set on fire. Therefore in 1889 his son Mwanga gave out the Lubaga hill to the catholic white fathers who had a claim to set up a catholic church in Uganda. Today the church collects a number of believers who congregate every day to praise the Lord.

Nakasero market
Get all fresh fruits and vegetables here at Nakasero market. The market is in the city center on the foothills of the Naksero hill. Many farmers bring their crop produce to this market where numerous people in Kampala buy their food.  The market has all sorts of food types available to spices and beef. Get fresh fruit at the market on your city tour.

Kasubi tombs
Kasubi tombs are situated on Kasubi hill in Kampala. This is where all kings of Buganda are buried, place has been renovated after the fires it experienced. This site also holds houses for the wives of the late kings, craft shops and study lounge where more information is passed on to all visitors.

Namugongo Shrine
This shrine was reorganized by the Christian faith as part of the tourist attractions. This is where the young men that refused to denounce the name of God were executed by burning their bodies. They were executed by king Mwanga after the boys giving more time to worshiping God than serving the king. The shrine has a warm relaxing atmosphere with the gardens and sculptures of the way some the martyrs were killed. Take a stop at Namugongo shrine and say prayer.


To  book a guided or self drive trip around Kampala city, simply send us an email to or call us on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.

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