June 14, 2024

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All About Entebbe Town

Entebbe is a verdant small quiet and  busy city with diminutive center that has lovely and relaxing retreats  located in central Uganda on the gorgeous  shores of lake Victoria peninsular between the hill top state house and the lake shore golf course.This town is  approximately 37km by road from Kampala the capital city where one gets to discover the best time and places to visit and recommended  for adventure that you are unlikely to find else where so take an opportunity to visit Entebbe.

Explore the delight and hidden unspoilt breathtaking scenery of the Entebbe zoo where you can see close up animals that you may never get to see on safari like the reptile village that attract both kids and grownups who seem to adore nature.

Get value for your money when you get a unique insight into the chimpanzee at the Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary that cares fro orphaned chimps and offers an opportunity to the visitors to interact with them in what is probably a unique environment whereby one can decide to use either a boat which takes 30-40 minutes depending on the lake  conditions and get a chance to meet chimps on a day trip or overnight and even adopting one of the orphaned chimps.

Fall in love with Ssese island on the shores of lake Victoria and enjoying its magnitude is an itinerary must whereby the island deserves a good drive around and people in need of a weekend relaxation, honeymoon or group retreat because the island offers beach side relaxation.Spending some time with your family on the beach creates one of the most memorable experience whether you are relaxing in the sun or indulging in activities like football, swimming you will always be assured of a fun filled weekend on the beach because your wife, husband, family or group can always have a bonding time.

Spend a tremendous hour  at the Reptile village that are located a bit off the beaten track and whilst accessible by a car or you can walk to the village in around 30-40 minutes depending on how the local kids come running eager to greet you ‘’muzungu how are you’’ that is very enjoyable. Reptiles here like snakes are caged to manage safety and control temperature enclousers for crocodiles.

Spend a couple of hours at the Entebbe botanical gardens that close to Lake Victoria that are perfect for the afternoon as you stroll through its zones where you will see much wildlife and if you are lucky, you will sport the ‘’verreaux’s eagle owl the largest owl in Africa, others are pink bac pelican, African jacana and lesser jacana.

Entebbe is probably not a place where you would want to stay for more than a few days but normally after a long flight and it’s a good place to wile away before you can depart from Uganda.Are you interested in visiting this city? We got you covered whether self drive or when you hire a car with a driver send us your request on our email page at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com

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