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All Around Entebbe Town

Enjoy a one day unlimited fun around Entebbe town as you hop-on, hop-off your ride and accessing all streets from downtown markets to  main commercial state streets  and a chance to  have a look at the presidential state house. Entebbe  is one of the main and major towns in the central region in Uganda, lying on the Lake Victoria Peninsular and approximately 37km from Kampala capital city. Entebbe comes from a local word E’ntebe meaning “Chair”. It gained this name since it was the seat for the government for the protectorate of Uganda prior to independence in 1962. The international Airport and the largest military airport which went famous for rescuing 100 hostages who were kidnaped by the resistance group rebels are all located in Entebbe. Join your drive for a road tour all around Entebbe town there is sightseeing that can take you more than one day and require more time here.

1# Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

UWEC in short also serves as the national Zoo. It is thrilling place be as you see and learn about various animals in Uganda and the ecosystem they live. While at the Zoo, you will get some time to learn about each animal, birds about their types, families they belong, how they feed, how they play, how they respond to danger and majorly how wildlife communicates. Your guide will help on knowing much, see how exciting it is, as these guys relate with the animals, they easily walk to leopard and sit with it, walk to the fierce lion and feed him, can you do that? He will exactly explain to you how it happens, you can tame these animals if you wish but you need to be trained, remember they are wild animals. Apart from animals there are trees you learn about and their uses, how helpful are they to the animals living here and the people wherever these trees are found. After learning try out some fun waiting you, take a camel ride, be very steady this creature is very tall but is fun, walk on the sand beaches on lake Victoria, do a jet cruise on the fresh waters, visit the restaurant for a tasty meal, accompanied fresh tilapia just from the waters.

2# Botanical Gardens

These beautiful gardens were laid out in 1898. They are expansive featuring great leisure and calm atmosphere with green pockets of thick rainforest. Many entertainment companies shoot most of the films and music videos from the botanical gardens due to its amazing background it offers. Most of the local natives claim that some of the unique Tarzan films were made in the botanical gardens. The botanical gardens also offer excellent bird watching with more than 100 bird species. Give your mind a moment to relax as you go green, it is a best to do your yoga routine.

3# Entebbe Golf Club

Are you a fun of golfing; now Entebbe holds the Legend for golfing in East Africa.  The oldest golf course in East Africa was first established in Entebbe in 1900 known as Entebbe Golf Club.  The golf club is surrounded by the Uganda wildlife Education center on the south side. The golf course is a very good selection of 18 holes thus making an excellent use of what might be termed ‘rolling parkland’ with gentle and never taxing, undulations and broad tree-lined fairways. There are four doglegs, but really only one hole that could be termed ‘downhill’ with a gentle ‘uphill’ return. Par is 71, but it plays all of its 6684 yards with some long par 5s and two par 4s that measure 447 and 473 yards. For a real golfer and those that enjoy golfing, this is the best place to stop by, visit the Entebbe golf club.

4# Mapeera Catholic Site, Kigungu

This also an exciting site to visit on your tour all around Entebbe, this is the site the first catholic missionaries Fr. Mapeera Lourdel and Brother Amans landed, but before we consider Kigungu, we must have Bugoma Island, among the Ssese island, it was their first landing spot and then after 2 days they moved to Kigungu on 17th February 1879. These missionaries spread the today firm catholic region in Uganda which has stood to follow and praise the name of almighty God. The Catholic Church today has honored the works of these missionaries in so doing have named some of their property after them for example the Mapeera house which seats the centenary bank in Kampala.

5# Uganda Virus Research Institute

The research institute is a very important site not only in Entebbe town but to the whole of Uganda. Your driver will more than delighted to give you a brief insight about this place, you  will hear many people that have to  come to  Kampala talk about this place, do not just hear, make a stop and know what goes on here. The Uganda virus research institute involves in health research relating to human infection and diseases that are associated with or linked to viral etiology.

6# exciting beaches

Entebbe town with its location lying on the Lake Victoria Peninsular, it features a number of beaches. Here you will find many young people adults and children all have fun in the fresh waters. Your driver know best which beach suits you , as there are many along the shores. Join the team playing beach volley ball, soccer or any other game. Do not worry  people are very  warm and welcoming, fun is for everyone while in Uganda, where you  find happiness just join in. lots of music, barbeque and drinks to  enjoy. Try out some adventure on the speed be careful not speed a lot.

There many more things to see while in Entebbe, like army monument, ministry of works, Nkumba University, victoria mall and posh hotels. Rent a self drive trip all around Entebbe or hire a chauffeur driver trip for the city tour. Book your trip online at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com call Mob +256 700135510, Tel +256 414-699459

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