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All Round Self Drive Tour In Uganda

Are you  thinking about an around self drive tour in Uganda, to  meet everything you  have heard about this country  either on documentaries, magazines or any other sources? Sometimes your budget could be less or more mid-range but then you are thinking about how much time you need to have for this all around adventure and where to  go , how to organize the itinerary and so  forth. Choosing to rent a car in Uganda for self drive is extremely awesome and it brings out the adventurous person in you  and that courage to  hit the road you  have never driven on before and trying to  figure out the right direction to  each destination. And that is what we call true adventure in the Pearl of Africa.  there are so many destinations you  can visit and have a great time and tour in Uganda, let us help you  sort these particular destinations by activities carried out  as below;

Safari Game drives

The only and best way to meet the true natives of each national park is through game drives and it is one of the best highlight on your Uganda safari  all through the trip. Game drives take place best in the early morning from 6am to 8am and then in the evening from 4pm to 7pm. This is the best time to  meet many of the animals residing in the national parks of Uganda, you  can either meet them as they  retire to  rest to  they  come out to  hunt. These game drives can be done at Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, Semliki valley and Kidepo Valley National Parks. One can enjoy night game drives as well at Lake Mburo and Semliki National Parks.

Primate trekking/tracking

Hire a car in Uganda and visit Kibale forest National park to do  chimpanzee trekking mainly, and also  think about driving to  Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park for the ultimate gorilla trekking experience, or you  can as well visit the Mgahinga National where silver meets gold, here you  can meet the silver backs and the golden monkey   sharing the forest. Some visitors do primate trekking at Budongo forest – Kanyio Pabidi for chimps while at Murchison Falls National Park, or one can opt for chimpanzee trekking at Kyambura gorge while at Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Kalinzu forest reserve as well offers great trekking opportunities for chimps.

Mountain Hiking and Nature walks

Uganda is gifted with all the beauty the world needs with beautiful mountains that will give you quite a challenge to hike for example, a hike to  the highest Magherita peak on the Rwenzori  Mountains, a successful hike to  the Wagagai peak at Mt Elgon and the beautiful hikes that lead to  Sipi falls daily. Mt Moroto can as well give many mountain climbers a challenge and some prefer to try out some simple hikes to the Kakunguru hill, Wanale hills, Nkuringo regions, Mt, Muhavura ranges and so  many more. Drive your way  with your rental car to  the Kilembe area a good starting point for the Rwenzori  trek.



Adventure and Water sport activities

When we talk about adventure, Uganda hold the first place in the whole of East African being popularly known as the adventure capital of East African with main activities in Jinja and Kabale districts. Get ready to  book a trip in Jinja with so many fun packed activities including bungee jumping, kayaking, White water rafting, quad biking, The Nile Jet, cycling trips, zip lining, the sun downer boat cruise and so many more. All these activities can be best at Jinja at very  affordable and comfortable rates with day  trips carried out daily. One can opt to have great adventure at lake Bunyonyi , with beautiful canoe rides, bird watching and nature walks. More water sport activities can be done at Entebbe on lake victoria with the speed boat to  one of the developed islands including Sesse Islands.

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