June 13, 2024

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Information About Car Rental Rates In Uganda

Hiring a car in Uganda currently is one of the best ways to travel around the country comfortably, flexibly and on time. Many people that visit Uganda from around the world today prefer to hire a car for self drive or with a driver, this habit and way of life has well been adopted by the local people as well. You can hire a car in Uganda at any time of the year and in any part of the country, this has made life easy for many travellers to different destinations being able to find rental cars of their choice at cheap car hire prices any day of the year. Whether you are looking at hiring a car on self drive, guided safari, wedding, business or any other event, the rates vary according to different reasons as below

Period of Rental

Many car rental agencies will offer discounted car rental rates to clients hiring the cars for a long period of time from 20 days and above or mostly on long term car hire. The period of renting a car also determines the car rental rates highly, those renting a car for one day or 2 days may get high rates compared to those renting a car for 5 days.

Type of Car

Different types, models and years of cars have different price tags. Therefore know the type of car you need for your trip, saloon cars maybe cheaper compared to SUVs and executive luxury brands. Choose the type of car according to your budget to get a comfortable car rental price.

Purpose of the Car

Different cars do  different things and service as well, if you  are looking at bridal cars or safari  cars, the rate for both cars is totally different because different types of cars serve the purposes. Therefore a bridal Mercedes Benz cannot do a wildlife safari in Kidepo, it will be a complete turn off. So the car rental rates may also be affected by the purpose of the vehicle


The capacity of the vehicle also determines its price, we can refer to capacity in seating and capacity in weight the car can handle. A car that can seat 30 passengers will be charged highly compared to the one carrying maximum 4 people. Therefore variation in weight especially for trucks also affects the price of renting the car. A car that can carry 2 tonnes of weight is not equal to  one that can only carry 10 big bags only in the trunk. Therefore do mind the weight and size of car to  meet your need as well as the rate.

To  know more about car rental rates in Uganda, send us an email  at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us directly at +256700135510

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