June 13, 2024

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Driver’s Creed

Are you a driver , then you should follow this creed if you expect to have a safe and comfortable road trip in Uganda.

  • I take advantage of every opportunity to increase my knowledge concerning road safety.
  • I drive only those cars that have been proved to be safe.
  • I strive to produce nothing but first class workmanship.
  • I drive all cars very carefully like I would have driven my own.
  • I attempt to correct mistakes made by other characters without creating a bad impression in the mind of the owner.
  • I conduct myself so as to maintain and increase respect for all drivers from the public.
  • I practice service integrity which means I drive to the best of my ability for the best interest of the owners/employers and myself.
  • My priority is safe road keeping.
  • I lead by example.

I respect and follow the high way code, So help me God – AMEN

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