June 9, 2023

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Factors To Consider When Looking For An Amazing Bus Tour

A bus tour is an interactive and exciting way to exploring sites with family, friends or workmates. It could be a leisure holiday, business trip or safari tour but one thing is for sure , traveling in a group is a lot more fun than when alone, as a couple or a small group. You will always feel more secure when you travel with lots of people plus you get chance to make new friends and bond relationships along the road trip making it a more awesome experience.

There are a variety of group vehicles available for hire in Uganda including the mid-sized coaster bus and coach with the former being the most suitable rental car for group tour in Uganda given it’s affordability and ability to pass through game tracks.

If you plan on having the most memorable & exciting bus tour around Uganda parks and attractions, here are few things you need to consider to achieve this.

Lay Down Rules – It is not easy trying to control a large group of people especially teens and that’s why you need to lay down some ground rules before you even think of stepping aboard the bus. Discipline is a very important element during a road trip and that should be implemented by passengers on board to avoid getting into problems with traffic officers or even worse; an accident.

Control Luggage Size – Strictly let the group know that they can’t pack excess luggage, they have to be cautious about what they pack filtering out some unnecessary items so as to have a few bags when on board. Most of the buses in Uganda offer little space for luggage usually stationed in the rear and roof racks and so to avoid over congestion of cargo, it’s best you pack light.

Pack Snacks & Drinks – To avoid numerous stop overs at the mall ; you need to pack some snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic) for the road trip. It’s much more cost effective and time saving to travel with what you will be eating or drinking along the way than have to look for it during the trip.

Entertainment – There is nothing more boring than a quiet bus tour and that’s why you have to spice it up with little entertainment. Most coaster buses and coaches in Uganda have a small TV set with DVD/ MP4/ MP3 player which can keep the passengers entertained with movies, music or documentaries , whatever keeps them chatting.

Book The Right Bus & Driver – Once you confirmed dates you will be traveling to Uganda , you now need to book the ideal bus for the trip. Ask for current pictures of the bus’s interior and exterior and then inquire about the driver. You can ask for his contacts and ask him a few questions to confirm if he will be the right man for the job. Handling groups is not easy both for the leader as well as driver.

Bring a Happy Face – Memories shared with friends or family will linger on for ages so don’t be the gloomy one during the road trip. Chat and engage with people while on the bus , make the most out of it because it’s not always going to be a group road trip. Have fun with your friends as you explore the parks and other tourist attractions.