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Getting To Murchison Falls Park

Murchison falls national park is only Uganda’s largest and oldest national park but also one of the most visited parks in Africa popularly known as home of the strongest falls on the might River Nile; the world’s longest river. Situated in the north western region of Uganda, getting to Murchison falls park can be a short 1 hour journey or long hours trip depending on which means you use to get there, it could be a private rental car, public vehicle or aeroplane but make sure you get means that fit your budget, comfort as well as personal interests.

Below are three transportation means if you planning a guided or self drive safari to Murchison falls park in search of the Big Five wildlife and get an up-close view of the magnificent Nile falls.


Rental car  –  For a more private , flexible and comfortable road trip to Murchison falls park, you should consider renting a private car but make sure you book a safari car that can handle the tough park terrain and most importantly fit your budget and number of people you are traveling with. You can rent a car in Uganda with a driver or for self drive, your choice depends on your sense of adventure and budget. Rental prices differ depending on type of car you want to use and number of days you wish to be with the vehicle.


Public means  –  If you are looking for the cheapest means to get to Murchison falls park, then your best choice will be public transportation means that feature the both large and mini buses. Get ready to sit with strangers and truth is you wont be guaranteed to get where you are going on time as they make passenger pick-up and drop-offs along the way and the worst part of it all you wont be dropped off the exact park gate but in a near by bus park. The public buses might be a cheaper option, but the most uncomfortable and unsafest way to travel around Uganda.


Aeroplane – Ditch the long hour road journeys and just hop on a plane to Murchison falls park, a flying safari might be more expensive than a road safari but is by far the safest and fastest way to get to any park or destination in Uganda. The spectcualr aerial views of the landscapes, water bodies and homesteads will make your hour trip worthwhile plus you dont have to worry about a tyre replacement or running out of fuel which is the case for cars. You can book a full flying safari package or just book a flight with any one of the various charter flight companies at Entebbe airport.


Planning to visit Murchison falls park this season and still wondering how to get to the park, you can choose between the above three depending on what suits your pocket and style. To book a Murchison falls tour , simply send us an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us on +256-700135510.

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