June 27, 2022

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Tips For Taking Care Of Car Tyres

An appropriate tyre maintenance system keeps you safe and your vehicle running at its best. Regular car tyre maintenance is one of the most often overlooked idea yet it is very important. You should have a discipline of checking your tyre pressure regularly especially if you are preparing for a long road trip. Unlike your fuel gauge, many cars will not alert you to check the tyres not until you face a puncture.

Below are tips  to help you take good care of your vehicle enjoying that seamless road trip you deserve

– Before setting off for your trip, make sure you check all your tyre pressure including the spare tyre also. If you think of carrying many people in your car or carry more luggage, check if the tyres can handle the weight or there could be need to boost the pressure a little more.

–  It is very advisable to check the tyres before they have heated up from a long drive. When rubber hits up, it stretches therefore is it very difficult to get the right size of pressure

– Check up for the proper air pressure for the size of vehicle you are driving. You can look up for the size in the driver’s handbook, driver’s door sill or on the petrol filler cap,

– Only increase the pressure level of your tyres if you think the load is going to increase compared to usual car load

– Make sure to use a quality pressure gauge so that you get the right measurements for your vehicle size.

-When looking up for tyre pressure ensure to check the current condition of the tyres e.g cuts, tears tread wear and other possible warning signs of future problems.

– Hot or sunny seasons cause the tyres to lose a lot of pressure compared to wet or cold season, therefore make sure to check the pressure frequently in the sunny /dry season


Follow these tips and you will be guaranteed of strong and long lasting car tyres.