June 14, 2024

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Habituation of Gorillas & Chimps in Uganda

Travelers and Researchers from across the world travel to Uganda to experience of the popular gorilla trekking experience and their other counter parts the chimpanzees. With over half the world’s gorilla population found in Uganda plus up to 4950 chimps, it’s no wonder Uganda is highly rated among primate destinations in Africa. Tourists are only given 1 hour to in the midst of these apes which is normally enough time given the long treks and struggle involved before encountering them.

Habituation simply means getting the wild animals to get used to humans as well as safari cars in a bid to get a good view or encounter with them. In Uganda, gorilla habituation is done in the Impenetrable Bwindi forest & Mgahinga park while chimpanzee habituation is done Kibale and Budongo forests. These tropical rain forests have become home to all types of primates including various monkey species and baboons among others making them the prefect destination for nature enthusiasts and primate lovers.

Primate habituation in Uganda has been going on for many years and now almost all gorilla families and chimps no longer fear the sight of humans sometimes even approaching and touching them. The memorable experience of encountering these incredible apes has put Uganda on the world map as the best destination for gorilla safaris followed by neighboring Rwanda.

Cars can easily pass through Savannah parks which have trails but can’t go through the forests and that’s habituating wild animals in the open is much easier than doing it in the deep forests which can only be accessed on foot. Meeting gorillas and chimps in the near past was really hard and chances of encountering them were 40% to 50% but today the chances have risen up to 90% – 100% which has made the whole experience worth the money paid which has also increased the number of visitors in the park.

Tracking chimpanzees and gorillas Uganda’s parks offers you opportunity to encounter other species including birds, tree species, wild animals, butterflies as well local people like the infamous Batwa tribe of pygmies and local communities.

Planning to do a gorilla safari trek , chimp tracking or both activities, get in touch with us today through info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us on +256-700135510 to speak to a reservations personnel. We will book for you permits, accommodation as well cater for the on-ground transportation to ensure you enjoy your holiday in Uganda.

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