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Bwindi forest walk

Preparing for a Gorilla safari In Africa

A guided trek to the infamous  mountain gorillas is one of the most sought forest adventures in the world. The gorilla is among the list of most endangered species in the world with only about 880 gorillas  still surviving in Uganda, Rwanda & Congo. Over half the population of the gorillas can be found in Bwindi impenetrable forest, a popular national park  in Africa and UNESCO world heritage site while the others  inhabit the might Virunga ranges that spread through three countries forming 3 parks namely Volcanoes park in Rwanda, Mgahinga in Uganda and Virunga park in DR Congo.

 If you have never done a gorilla safari in Bwindi forest or Virunga ranges and still wondering how to about the whole booking process, below are 5 basic steps to help you prepare for your adventure.

 Step #1 –  Go Online

Visit an internet cafe or use your phone/tab and connect to the internet , the best place you will find a variety of companies organizing gorilla trekking trips in Uganda & Rwanda. Use reliable and trusted search engine portals like Google or Yahoo to find what you are looking for. The results are listed by search term relevance as well as reputation and info specifications. Check through the website ( and read through some suggested Uganda tour itineraries to get an insight of what to expect. The itinerary indicates day by day activities, on-ground transportation means plus where you will be staying during the trip.

Step #2 –  Book Gorilla permits

Once you have confirmed the itinerary you prefer, the reservations team will move you on to the second step and that is booking gorilla permits for you, your loved one , family or group mates. A permit in Uganda costs US$ 600 per person and only at US$ 450 per person during the low season months of April, May and November while that of Rwanda is at US$ 1500 per person. You will be asked to send in money to the company so permits can be purchased as soon as possible, the reservations personnel will go to the tourism offices as soon as the money transfer is complete and book your permits to be stored at the office until you arrive in the country.

Step #3- Book your flight

Once you have finalized with the company and have your itinerary ready and permits booked, it’s now time to book a ticket to whichever country you wish to track mountain gorillas from. Visit a booking agent office and purchase your ticket or you can as well do it online.

Step #4- Get Packing

Everything is now set and what’s left is packing basic items that will be of use during the gorilla safari adventure. Among the most important items to pack are long sleeved shirts and pair of trousers to help avoid skin contact with stinging nettles or any other vegetation that may cause skin problems. You should also pack a rain coat, sweater and a pair of hiking boots as it occasionally rains and gets cold at night and early morning.

Step 5- Get ready

Gorilla trekking requires a certain level of fitness as you will hiking up and down muddy slopes so you need to get your body ready for this kind of exercise.  Do morning jogs or walks on any slope around your neighbourhood . Go on the internet and read about gorillas , the parks and past traveler experiences to give you a clear insight of what to expect.

Once you have gone through all the above mentioned steps, you are now officially prepared for a gorilla tour in Africa. For bookings or any inquiries, send us an email to or call us now +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations personnel.

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