July 20, 2024

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How To Attract Your Past Car Rental Customers Back

Car Rental is one of the fastest growing business in Uganda and other many other destinations across the globe.The need for private transportation by tourists has led to a rise of travel agencies ready to offer clients any type of car they may request.Whether its a 4×4 car for a safari, sedan for business or simple SUV for leisure trip, you can’t fail to get a car of your choice.

However not all Uganda car rental companies can be trusted and not all can guarantee a successful road trip. You need to choose the right company , one you run back to whenever you need to hire a car ; a company like Uganda Car Rental Services. We have been organizing guided and self drive trips in Uganda over the years and testimonies about us a revelation of what we do.

You want to know why our past customers keep coming back to us, below are some reasons.

Cheap Rates – Most companies will be looking for a way top get high profits off a car rental deal by raising prices on rental cars, that’s not us. We will get you a suitable rental car at cheap rates that fit your budget. We understand that our clients will be spending a-lot during the vacation and cutting prices is the best way to help them narrow the expenditure. You can check out our car rental rates now and see for yourself.

Quick response – We all want fast answers to al our queries and that’s what Uganda Car Rental Services reservations team does; they will answer your inquiry as soon as it drops in making it more of a chat. Our past customers always get all the answers they need within a day.

Travel Knowledge – We have been in tourism business for over 6 years and can guarantee any client that they are in safe hands. Straight from the reservations desk to our drivers, you will be sure you can get the accurate and up-to-date info about any destination in Uganda plus advice on when to visit or how to get where you are going.

Good drivers – Clients who cant handle self drive trips prefer to hire a driver who will guide them along the way. Our team of local Ugandan drivers have been to several tourist destinations and have adequate knowledge about them hence our clients always get highly informative guided tours giving them reason to book with us again when they visit Uganda.

Good Rental Cars – Uganda Car Rental Services always makes sure we service our rental cars after every road trip. We rarely get calls from customers about a sudden breakdown or car malfunction since we take great care of these babies. Once you book a car with us, just know you have a got a car that wont inconvenience your road trip.

Tracking– The reservations keeps tabs on the clients making sure everything is okay by emailing and calling them when they are out there on the road trip. we have to know how you are doing, car condition or driver behaviors to ensure everything is sailing smoothly. This way our clients always know they are being looked over which offer a peace of mind.

Special Customer discounts – We always offer cut prices for return customers as a way of appreciation for the last booking. The discount could range from 10 to 20% depending on the car type and number of days you require the rental car. Just know we always offer you cut price when you book with us again.

There are plenty of other reasons that attract car rental customer back but the above 7 will give you an insight on what to do if you really want that past customer to book with you again. You can rent a car in Uganda online today with us by filing in this short contact form or send us an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com. Alternatively you can just call us on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.

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