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5 Best Luxury Cars To Hire For A Wedding In Uganda

A wedding occasion is a truly special event, a party made in heaven and everything has to be on point; straight from the decor, diner catering and transportation. Uganda Car Rental Services offers a wide range of rental cars including 4×4 safari cars, sedan and bridal cars and we a glad to present to you some of the finest luxury cars for wedding in Uganda available for hire with a chauffeur and fuel.

1- Limousine -The stretch limousine has stood the test of time as the most popular luxury car for weddings and other special events. The cozy private interior features an L-shaped seat with a mini bar, TV , radio and full made DVD & CD system. Not only does the Limo show wealth and class, it a pure sign of style.

2 – Range Rover – Popularly known as the Queen’s car, the Range Rover is definitely up on the list of the best luxury cars to hire for weddings. The eye-catching exterior coupled with an executive-like interior will give any newlyweds a royal ride to remember.

3- Mercedes Benz – Whether it’s an E, C or S class, there is no denying that all the Mercedes Benz models will light up a wedding entourage. The beauty a Mercedes has is a sure guarantee to wow the invited guests. Talk about riding like a VIP and Mercedes will always come to mind.

4- Vintage Cars – The old-fashioned classic cars really know how to pull the rabbit out of the hat, classics always represent style and love to for the oldies. Whether its a vintage Rolls Royce, beetle or Ferrari, you will definitely get heads turning when you ride to the party in any classic car.

5 – Land Cruiser V8 – Toyota motors have manufactured a variety of cars over the years and one of the most beautiful models has been the V8 , not only does the car fit a wedding entourage , but also fit for business and safari road trip. The interior resembles that of a Range Rover and exterior is an eye-catching spectacle.

There are plenty of other nice bridal cars for hire in Uganda but the above 5 always top the list. To book a car for wedding in Kampala city or any destination in Uganda, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-700135510 and speak with the reservations team.

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