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How To Run A Clean & Efficient Car For Safety & Comfort

A clean and efficient car is in everyone’s interest because it generally reduces on the expenses of vehicle maintenance and also and also moderates on the air pollution levels as it reduces vehicle exhaustion. A clean and efficient car is also very comfortable to drive and will give you a piece of mind while on the road. Below is advice on how you can run a clean and efficient car in order to keep you safe on the road without spending a lot of money.

1. Always keep your car in a good working condition.

It is advisable to keep your car well-maintained at all times and this can be done by taking it to a skilled mechanic regularly for inspection and correcting of anything that could be faulty or that will expose you and your car to any kind of risk. Generally if a car is not well-maintained it even consumes about 15% more fuel and therefore putting it right could save you a lot.

2. Always moderate your speed.

Driving at a slow pace seems time consuming but speedy driving will actually cost you much more especially in terms of money as your car will be exposed to more risks of mechanical break-downs. It will also put you at a risk of crashing which may even cost you your life. Driving too fast also increases on the fuel consumption of the car.

3. Drive smoothly and more carefully.

While driving, always avoid rapid acceleration and sudden braking. Also endeavor to use the gears fully hence moderating the use of brakes which will give you a smoother and more comfortable ride. Driving smoothly is also economical as the car consumes less fuel.

4. Take care while loading your car.

Do not overload your car as it increases the fuel consumption and is also unsafe. In case you do not need to use the roof rack, remove it because it makes the engine work harder due to the increase of wind resistance which is not a good thing. If some of your luggage has to be carried on the roof rack, make sure it s carefully loaded so that the wind resistance is less.

5. Always have your trips/ routings well planned.

Always try to avoid driving during rush hours in order to reduce pressure while on the road. Rush hours will also expose you to traffic congestion which almost doubles the normal fuel consumption of the car therefore avoiding this could be very helpful as it will enable you to save both time and some of the money you should have used for the extra fuel

Run a clean and efficient car and enjoy a smooth comfortable ride while on the road. To rent a car in Uganda online, simply get in touch with us by sending us an email at You can also call us on +256-700135510 or +256-414699459 to speak to our reservations team directly.

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