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Methods of Checking the Engine Compression Pressure

How to check the compression pressure of a car engine

There are various methods of checking the compression pressure of the engine but the only accurate method is to use a machine known as compression tester accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

To check for loss of compression on individual cylinder first remove all the sparking plugs, then with an assistant operating in the starter seal off each plug hole in term with your thumb (short inside finger of hands)

Note take care when carrying out this check in the first place it would be wise to disconnect the ignition at the coil to prevent sparks.

Secondly watch out for any moving parts such as the tan and finally either wear goggles or keep your eyes away from the area of the plug hole as you can

Some of the causes

  • It is caused by the weakness of the cylinder walls
  • It is due to old compression rings on the cylinder
  • It can also be caused by poor value clear

What to do about it

Changing the Engine Coolant]- Wait until the engine and radiator cools drown

  1. More the heater or the air condition temperature control to the maximum hot position.
  2. Open the radiator cap and drain value.
  3. Flush the cooling system by running fresh water through the radiator
  4. Close the drain value securely
  5. See the technical information section for cooling cap capacity .filling the radiator with the proper mixture of coolant and water. Fill the reservoir tank up to the Max level. Then install the radiator cap
  6. Run the engine sufficiently   
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