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Safety Tips While Parking Car

While parking a car, it is advisable to always use off-street parking areas or bays marked out with white lines which indicate that they are parking places. You can also stop or park at the road side if you must but make sure the road is wide enough and does not have parking restrictions. Below are some the safety/advisory tips to guide you while parking a car in Uganda or any other destination for that matter;

  • Stop/park at the extreme side/edge of the road in case you are parking at the roadside.
  • Do not park too close to another car/vehicle.
  • Make sure you turn off the engine, head lights and fog lights before you leave the car.
  • Make sure you apply the hand brake before you leave the car.
  • Be careful not to hit anyone while opening your car door.
  • It is safe for the passengers to not get out of the car on the side of the road.
  • Make sure you do not park on the carriage way or hard shoulder of another road unless it is an emergency.
  • Do not park in front of a pedestrian crossing the road or an area marked with zigzag lines.
  • Do not park at a bus stop or clear way within its hours of operation unless you are picking up or setting down passengers.
  • Do not park on a cycle lane especially during its hours of operation.
  • Do not park on a road marked with double white lines except to pick up or set down passengers.
  • Do not park in reserved parking spaces especially if you are not among the specified/entitled users.
  • Make sure you park in a safe place that does not endanger or inconvenience or obstruct pedestrians or any other road users for example public place entrances.
  • Do not park opposite or within 10 meters from a junction except in an authorized parking space.
  • Never park opposite a traffic island or on a bend.
  • While parking a car at night, be keen not to park facing against the direction of the traffic flow unless in areas with parking space.
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