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The Ngora Rock Uganda – Where Is It Located

When we talk about discovery, beauty of nature, and everything at will offer you life time memories, Uganda has become an amazing destination for everyone around the world. Today we are looking at the Ngora Rock which has also become a centre of attraction in the country. Ngora Rock is located in Ngora district; this is one of the youngest districts in the country and it was launched in 2010 as an official district with Ngora Town as the main town center. The district shares a lot of common figures with Kumi district which it was cut off. The District is approximately 230km from Kampala capital city and it is bordered by Katakwi and Soroti districts in the North, Kumi to the east , Pallisa to the south and Serere district to the west.

Ngora rock is today at great tourist attraction in the Northern region of the country, it is a place to relax , for those in search for rocks, you can find various types of rocks that exist in this out crop of a rock. Many natives that settle close to the rock go there for spiritual purposes to worship their gods. Traditionally the Iteso tradition refers to the rock locally as Moru Otukei rock, although many of the folks in far areas will refer to the rock by the area name.

Many trips to the Northern part of Uganda visit the Nyero rock paints which are believed have been decorated by early men during the Stone Age period. These early men used to make all the rock paintings in their free time, after hunting, fruit gathering and they are very special and very unique. These have only been seen in Uganda in Kumi district and nowhere else, thus making it a true Pearl of Africa.

Ngora district is one of the best places to visit when you hire a car in Uganda, the area is very secure and politically stable, people in this region are welcoming and so friendly. The terrain in the region is not that bad, even the smaller 4×4 vehicles can candle the area perfectly. Daily trips to Ngora set off from Kampala main office or pick up from Entebbe international airport. Visitors may choose to have multiple day experiences with added trips to Nyero Rock painting, Sipi falls, Kidepo valley Np, Murchison Falls NP.

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