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Upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport, your driver will be waiting on your with a welcome signing showing your name or hotel you are heading to and drive directly to your next point straight away. Driving directly means you do not have to wait on bargaining with an airport taxi for a low rates to a hotel you have no idea how far it is from airport, driving straight away means you have your private driver and car waiting on you, just you and your bags, enjoy the best of this offer with advance booking of an airport transfer in Uganda with prominent car rental companies. Many of the car rental companies will offer you airport transfers in Uganda for a free when you rent a car with driver in Uganda with the car rental agency or some will offer discounted airport transfer rates depending your negotiation with the rental agency.

There are 2 categories for airport transfers in Uganda and each of these will serve best according the budget of the traveler

1# Private airport transfer

Many people prefer to have private travel plans whether on airport transfers or daily road trips in Uganda. Privacy is very important and it proves a lot of security for a number of travelers. Hiring a private driver and car for your airport transfer in Uganda is so much rewarding and relaxing as well. Why would you have to spend time looking around and negotiating rates with airport taxis, or sit around in s shuttle waiting for other people after a long flight. Some business people, like to have travel private to either relax or have time to organize for their meeting without inconveniencing anyone. Still with a private airport transfer, there is flexibility to wait on you for other transactions with the airport like forex exchange, a cup of coffee and any possible stop. Enjoy the best of leisure, comfort, class with a private airport transfer in Uganda.

2# Shared ride shuttle Services

Shared shuttle airport transfer services, offer interesting and attractive prices that will save a lot of money for you and as well have fun meeting other people in your shuttle. The distance from the airport to your hotel is enough to have met the love of your life on a shuttle or meet that friend who will be of great importance in your future day. Run from the quiet and sleepy private airport transfers and pick up fun in the shuttle services, it is fun, engaging and very cheap. Still with the shuttle services, you need to make a booking in advance to have a seat secured for you, your shuttle driver or company representative will be waiting on you with the agreed welcome sign at the airport upon your arrival. No matter the time of the day, airport transfer shuttles will be available, therefore you can freely book one on anytime of the flight to Entebbe airport.

To book an airport transfer in Uganda, send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call our office directly at 0700135510

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