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Tips For A Successful Backpacking Trip To Uganda

Uganda currently has become a favorite tourism destination for many of the people around the round. With the stable security, economy, infrastructure and so many other advantages, these have attracted crowds of people from around the world to visit the Pearl of Africa. Many people book trips through travel agencies or others just use car rental companies in Uganda and hire cars for their trips either with driver or on self drive. On adventurous side, you can have a successful backpacking tour in Uganda and awesomely get around very well. Below are some helpful tips for all visitors to Uganda on backpacking trips.

1# Getting To Your Hotel From The Airport

When you arrive at the airport, and you have not arranged any pick up means, there are airport taxis that can be of use. Be very careful at the airport taxi person, it is best to have one in uniform and registered with airport authority than any person around the waiting area. Or you can opt to ask for an airport transfer from your hotel at a discounted rate, which is also a fine idea to help you have a first day in the country without any hassle.

2# Where To Stay

Take your time to look out for a safe place to stay during your trip to Uganda, you can search on the internet or try to ask some travel agencies for recommendations. Beach and village huts are really cool and very nice but these are not that safe since many of them have no proper lock so any one can break into them and steal your property. It is very safe to book a budget hotel as this is safe place for you stay.

3# Partying Time

Kampala city as the capital city of Uganda is a very lively city and so many parties happen almost in every corner of the city. Just like Kampala, many other towns in the country are also vibrant and you might want to step out of your room and go have fun in any club, or you can choose to visit a nearby church for a social event. It is not advisable to go alone to any party and even get drunk, get to make friends from your hotel, make sure you have gotten some back up in case of any bad incidence.  

4# Safety for your Belongings

Do not leave your gargets and other expensive material not attended to, if you know you are  heading for the beach or any crazy area, leave your important documents and belongings locked up in the hotel room if you have no one to attend to them for you. Or you can choose to pay some money to the hut owner to keep an eye for you.

5# Emergency Calls

Telephone sim-cards in Uganda are very cheap in Uganda therefore any one can afford to buy one, all you need to do is to present your identification documents and get a valid simcard. Get contacts from the police, your first time hotel or any other contact that can be of help to you in case of an emergency.

To know more about backpacking trips in Uganda, send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call our office at +256700135510

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