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The Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Uganda

Wildlife parks and forest ranges in Uganda are dotted with large and small watercourses which merge together and create wonderful and eye catching waterfalls.  The hoot and rustling sounds the waters make while falling on the rocks attracts many nature lovers, adventure tour fanatic and those on honey moon holidays. The waterfalls are some of the best locations or sites one can visit when you hire a car in Uganda or when you choose to book a safari in Uganda. These are best sights for photography and videography and most of these physical features can be spotted in Movies and magazines. When full day tours to a number of waterfalls in Uganda during your trip to Uganda

Below are some waterfalls one can visit while in Uganda. 

  1. Murchison Falls NP: Murchison falls locally known as Kabalega Falls is located in Uganda’s largest National Park between Lake Albert and Lake Kyoga on the River Nile. Visitors to Murchison falls National Park get a chance to visit the falls either with a boat cruise to  the bottom of the falls or drive to  the top of the falls. At the top of Murchison Falls, the River Nile makes its way with a lot of force through gaps in the numerous rocks which are only 7 meter wide and 43 meters high flowing towards Lake Albert. The rumbling noise made by the waters as the fall off the rocks and the drops of water that sprinkle right into your face while at the top of the falls make a memorable Uganda Safari  to  Murchison Falls.
  • Kisiizi  Falls:  These falls are located in western Uganda in Rukungiri district. The falls are very beautiful and worth a visit especially when you hire a car to western Uganda. The falls are attached to a sad history where the unmarried pregnant girls were thrown off the falls as punishment for early pregnancy without marriage. Enjoy beautiful nature walk, hiking, birdwatching while at Kisiizi falls
  • Sipi Falls: Sipi falls are a series of three waterfalls and the falls are located on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park and the Kenyan border. Enjoy hiking to the Sipi Falls, do the abseiling adventure, visit the coffee farms, and enjoy challenging hike to  the Wagagi  peak on Mount Elgon. Enjoy hiking Sipi falls while on a mountain hiking safari in Uganda, have the best of Eastern Uganda with Sipi falls
  • Sezibwa falls:  Sezibwa falls is usually part of the one day  trip to  Jinja, many visitors to  Jinja make a stop at the falls and then proceed for their trip to  Jinja. The falls are a cultural site for the Buganda Region and it has a very  interesting history in traditional Buganda, this river is believed to  have been born by  a human being, this lady  gave birth  to  twins in form of water and one twin is Sezibwa and another is Bwanda. The River falls 7 meters deep forming the beautiful falls that  will attract your attention when you  visit the site. Sezibwa falls is one of the beautiful places to  visit when you  hire a car in Jinja for self drive or guided safari.

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