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Top 5 Best Wedding Cars For Hire In Uganda

A wedding gives one of the best memories in life especially to the couple and since it is usually a once in life-time event, the best preparations for the day should be made ranging from the place where to make vows, photography, saloon, dressing to the reception venue where you share more joy, food and drinks with your beloved guests. While talking about all this, transportation of the bridal entourage from church to photography gardens to reception venue is also paramount and should be given special attention because the choice of wedding car can either spice up or ruin your day. Below are the top five wedding cars in Uganda from which you can choose and make your day a fabulous one.


Limousine commonly known as a Limo is one of the most luxurious cars used to spice up the memorable days of life like weddings, birthdays, video shootings and many more. It is a long car so beautiful with a well-equipped unique interior that is divided into two compartments having comfortable seats with enough legroom, inbuilt fridge, television, MP3/CD player, minibar and FM radio transmission. All these amenities are to spice up your journey to the church and reception enjoying music and drinks of your choice. A limousine is available in the glamorous black and white colours having a carrying capacity of up to eight people though you can choose to have it transport only the main celebrants, the bride and groom. The number of limousines to use for the day will depend on your wedding budget and on the number of people on the bridal entourage, however you can use it with other car types on your convoy.


The Range rover sport is the other wedding car you can look to for your day at a price a bit lower than that of a limousine but still comfortable and on point. It has a carrying capacity of up to four people that will comfortably enjoy the leathered seats with enough legroom, an air conditioner, CD player and a charging port. Enjoy travelling in this beautiful car on your memorable day in a silver, black or white range rover sport that has  a catching exterior and on-point interior with a chauffeur and fuel inclusive.


The Mercedes Benz E class is another popular automatic vehicle with oval shaped lights with a pretty outward appearance and comfortable interior making it ideal for your wedding day. It has leather comfortable seats, air conditioner, FM radio transmission, an MP3 player with cargo space in the rear for the changing items of the entourage and carrying capacity of up to four people and a chauffeur fuel inclusive in the pricing.


When you speak about a vintage car, you probably reflect the stylish cars manufactured between 1919 and 1930 that will make you feel the best and fashionable celebrity of your day. They are available in different colours and diversity including beetles, Ferraris and wagons with prices including a chauffeur and fuel for wedding day. It comfortably accommodates the bride and groom with an MP3 player to play your favorite music and air conditioner to provide fresh air on your wedding journey.


You can choose to have the land cruiser transport your entourage on your memorable day because it is classy and has a very beautiful exterior available in different colours issued according to your wish. It is an automatic transmission vehicle, Toyota brand with a well-equipped interior containing comfortable sits with enough legroom, air conditioners, FM radio transmission, MP3 player and carries up to four to seven people comfortably. It is very classy to date and the pricing is fair and friendly including the chauffeur and fuel.

If you would love to have the best wedding cars for hire in Uganda for your special day or have any inquiries, contact us via email info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us directly on +256700135510 or +256414699459

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