May 27, 2024

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Uganda Mass Wedding By Pastor Kayanja

For the past 8 months, a Christian revival prayer move has been and is still taking place at the Miracle Centre Rubaga cathedral. The Prayer move was themed, 77 Days Of Glory, since it happens in seasons of 77 days, currently the third season is ongoing. Many Ugandans have seen the light and given in their lives to acknowledge that there is only one true God and above him there is no other, All the earth and everything above it an beneath it worship him alone. The revival as drawn people from around the whole world, as far from Europe, Asia, middle east, neighboring countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, Sudan and so  many more. All come in to witness the power of God through signs and wonders. Thousands have been healed from sickness, lameness, blindness, broken limbs, healed relationships, others have received material help, finical help and so many other things.

Just like many people have termed it, this is something that has never been seen in any regime in Uganda. Today Pastors Robert and Jessica Kayanja have organized a mass wedding for a number of 280 couples. 280 brides have been carefully prepared, given everything needed right from wedding dresses, makeup, all necessities a beautiful bride would need for her dream wedding day and the same apply to the grooms. The venue, which Miracle center Cathedral, is unimaginably sparkling and all detail has been carefully put in place, what lucky grooms and brides these are!

In his speech to the brides and grooms, Pastor Robert Kayanja said that “You have broken the curse of illegal marriages; your children will not go through what you went through because the God of the Adam and Eve has gone through your family”. He further added on that “Marriage is not an institution because in an institution, one can be preserved and feared but marriage has never been an institution, marriage is a divine connection from God. With a Blessing of God their marriage is going to work and no sickness or poverty will break it. He who finds a good wife obtains favor and once you have favor doors will open for you, that is why today you men [the grooms] didn’t have to go through a lot, your wedding is being viewed by 40 million people across the world. All eyes are on your wedding across the world, you are a history maker and no demons will come over you because you are an overcomer”

Therefore, if you  wanted to make your marriage holy and missed this chance, pray that another season of the 77 Day Of Glory is announced and then you  also have your vows also  witness by over 40 million people on channel 44 around the whole world and celebrate a prestigious wedding hassle free.

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