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Uganda Safari Safety Guidelines

The safari scene is an exciting mixture of wildlife and culture mixed with open adventure and intrigue. But before you embark into the natural environment of these wild animals or locals, you must first work on your behaviors if you are to coordinate with the wild on a guided or self-drive Uganda safari adventure to any of the national parks or reserves. Below are 5 guidelines to help you achieve harmony between you, the nature and wildlife on a safari trip.

Stay In The Vehicle – Don’t be tempted to move out of the safari car even when in quiet zone, always wait for the guide to give you a signal when it’s safe to move out since you can’t detect danger as well as they do it. The vehicle may not be a target but a human being will be and that’s hwy you have to be careful and know your line.

Be Calm when in open roof vehicles – A game viewing trip in an pop-up roof vehicle offers clients chance to watch the game up-close; not through windows but you have to be careful when you pop your head or body out of the vehicle. There are some restrictions when on game tracks in these cars like not waving at wildlife, no sudden standing , littering or making noise as all this could lead to problems or missing out on a specie because they are scared.

Don,t fear , respect the wild animals – It’s their territory and so you have to be respectful by acting responsibly when around them. You won’t know what can irritate a wild animal and that’s why you have to follow a tour guides rules before you even think of waving or shouting at an animal.

Don’t drive off track – in-case you are on self drive trip and aren’t conversant with the rules, number one rule is always to stay on the provided game tracks and not dare go off track into the bushes. Not only are you destroying nature but also risk knocking the wild animals hence a fine from UWA or even worse getting your car rammed over by an elephant.

Avoid Flashy Photography – Wild animals like the gorilla and night hunters are not huge fans of the flash and that’s why park officials always advice on turning off the flash of your camera to avoid scaring the animals away or provoking them to attack.

No Jerky movements at lodge/ camp – We have heard news about tourists have have suddenly disappeared at the parks and most of the occassions investigations have shown that they didn’t follow rules and stay the safari lodge / camp during hours they shouldn’t be moving out. Caes like this always add up to one thing, a wild animal attacked the person or they fell and drowned in a water body.

If you stick to these guidelines, chances are are high you will enjoy a safe and comfortable safari in Uganda or any other tourist destination. To book safari or car self drive safari to any of the national parks – simply contact us now by sending an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com . You can as well call us on +256-700135510 to speak to us.

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