June 13, 2024

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Wedding Car Decoration

Decorating the wedding car is a very fun and important tradition that has been practiced starting way back in the late years and it is still being carried on up to date. However make sure that you  keep your decoration in control because if it is done or applied wrongly it could damage the image of the wedding or even offend some of the wedding guests. Over the past years we have heard a lot of stories from varies couples as a rental agency, some of these stories are very funny, others very original while some are extreme about wedding car decoration that turned out to be rather embarrassing and very costly.

One of the most remembered and most interesting wedding car decoration was about the strings of empty cans, boots and other noisy metals attached to the back of the car. However with the traffic of today, this has been stopped by law due to the noise and having to trail anything behind the car could be dangerous to car or motorcycle or any other person moving behind the particular bridal car.

We have as well met other people using different products for decoration like toilet rolls, tooth paste, eggs, shaving foam and so many others but in the end it was discovered that these products have chemicals that can damage or alter the wedding car paint and using such products has been considered a big No especially on hired bridal cars, you can use these if it is on your own car obviously.

Although there have been so much distressful and funny experiences with traditional wedding car decorations, today there is variety of modern ideas to borrow from while decorating your wedding car from all points including magazines and internet search. You can always hire professional decorators to handle this for you and make sure that the colors match very well with the theme of the day and thus bringing joy and pride to the couple.

To avoid embarrassment of trying to make sophisticated decoration idea, you can simply attach ribbons to your bridal car. Many of the professional wedding cars for hire look most times in perfect shape and beautiful and will not need so much touch that will over shadow their beauty. Try to avoid using fresh flowers since they wilt very quickly and by the middle of the day, the flowers look very boring. It is best to use more of ribbons for your decoration all done well to bring out the best beauty of your wedding car

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