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First Things To In Case Of A Car Accident

Accidents, while you are on the road, can happen at any time unexpectedly so in case you are involved in one, keep calm and avoid panicking so that you allow your brain to think of the way forward. Below are some tips of what to do immediately while at the scene of a car accident;

  • Warn other cars by switching on the hazard warning lights (double indicators). If you can, it could help to also wave at the other drivers to slow down.
  • Ask the other drivers or even the local people to help in controlling the traffic so as to reduce congestion and also avoid the risk of a further crush.
  • Ask the other drivers to switch off their engines and the people around to put out any cigarettes so as to prevent a fire outbreak.
  • Make arrangements to call the police as soon as possible. Dial 999 or 112 in order to reach the Police line for assistance and make sure you state the location of the crash, the numbers of the vehicles and also the injured persons if any.
  • Give first aid to the injured persons as you wait for further medical attention.
  • In case the injuries are severe, make quick arrangements to take the victims to a nearby hospital or clinic because they could lose their lives if they do not get immediate medical attention.
  • Do not steal from the victims and also watch out for those who come to steal in the name of helping.
  • Avoid taking the law in your own hands and always discourage mob justice as it could lead to further injuries or even death.
  • While passing a place with a crash, concentrate on the road ahead especially if you are not going to help in any way in order to avoid getting distracted which would cause other crashes.
  • In case someone is injured, make sure you give the details of the victim like the names especially while reporting the case at the nearest police station.

So in case you get into a car accident, please follow the following steps and you will help reduce any further problems. contact us now for more good tips.

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