May 27, 2024

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Why Mugisha Rogers Is The Perfect Driver To Hire For Your Next Road Trip

A driver is the most important aspect of a road trip , a determinant of success or failure. Choosing the right driver not only ensures you get a safe and comfortable trip but also lets you relax knowing everything is under control. We at Uganda Car Rental Services have a team of well trained
drivers ready to take you around the city and national parks, they are all well versed with knowledge about attractions and routes to get there but not all of them are like Mr Mugisha Rogers, one of the longest serving drivers in the company.

Below are some reasons why you should hire Mugisha Rogers as your personal driver for the next road trip

God Fearing – Not all the drivers in the company are born again christians and that’s what distinguishes Mr Rogers from the rest. He is a strong believer with a good christian background which is bonus for clients that worship God and even for those that dont. You know you are in safe God blessed hands when you travel with Mugisha.

Car Knowledge – Mugisha has studied car mechanism in one of west Uganda’s best driving school called Wanaichi Proffessional Driving School. He knows how to fix most of the mechanical problems including the engine hence you don’t have to worry about getting stuck on the rioad
waiting for a mechanic or replacement car when you hire Mugisha Rogers as your professional driver.

Park Knowledge – Mugisha Rogers has undergone studies with the Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA) hence he is well versed with knowledge about the national parks of Uganda. He knows all about the wildlife and areas of interest plus background and latest information hence you can be guaranteed of an informative safari tour to any park of your choice.

Well groomed – Clients will always want to be driven by a person who presentable from head to toe, the attire and overall body cleanliness really matters. Mr Mugisha Rogers is always smartly dressed ready for duty and that’s why most clients.

Time Management – Picking up a client on time and dropping them off to their destination in time is success when it comes to road trips. Mr Mugisha is very time conversant always ensuring he gets to the client in the requested time and drives you carefully to your destination.

Obedient & Humble
A client will always love someone who can listen to their pleas and orders without question and this is true definition of Mr Mugisha Rogers, a humble
person ready to do whatever you ask. No need to worry about any chore as he got everything covered.

Overall if you are planning to hire a driver in Uganda this season, then the above factors will give you reason to choose Mugisha Rogers as your personal chauffeur. To get in touch with him today simply call us on +256-700133510 and speak with the reservations team.

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