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5 Tips on How to Travel On Budget with Family

Spending some time out of the usual place with family for exploration is a precious thing and provides the best opportunities for great memories. Thirsty to explore your dream destinations with your loved ones? And perhaps you want to travel on a tight budget; you don’t have to worry about how possible this will be because budget tours in countries like Uganda go on perfectly. You can visit and explore a number of destinations, see lots of interesting attractions and stay at beautiful cozy safari lodges for a thrilling family vacation.

Planning for a family trip this season and perhaps still wondering how you can have it a success? Check out these tips to guide you for your upcoming trip with family.

Travel in the low season

In Uganda and other safari destinations in Africa, most people travel during the peak season and this is considered the best time for safaris. The season is characterized with less or no rain and on some days the sun will be up all day. Also referred to as the high season, this is when most destinations are crowded and lodges fully booked. Meaning that prices of these services and facilities are higher because of increased demand. Therefore, if you want to fix your budget lower, it is advisable to travel in the low season when travellers are fewer and therefore prices of services, facilities and some activities are discounted.

Book early and use coupons                  

Make early bookings more so for accommodation, rental car and activities like gorilla trekking and boat cruise. This gives a chance to enjoy discounts from your service provider. You can also keep checking on some websites for discount offers and coupons that will help you get a family tour at a cheaper price.

Use budget airline services

If your trip involves an international flight, consider using economy class with an airline that has lower flight prices. This will help you save a lot of money over using first class and business class which are more expensive. The savings will be used to cater for other facilities or add an interesting activity for the family at the destination.

Make an ideal choice for your destinations

If you want to spend less on your family trip this season, look at the best destinations ideal for family trips and select those that suit your budget. It is not a guarantee that traveling only within your country is the only way to have a cheaper safari or road trip. Make enough research and be wise in choosing your destinations because it is possible to travel out of your country and enjoy a cheaper family trip than around your home country.

Stay in family apartments or camps        

Instead of staying in different rooms of a hotel, it is better to stay in a family cottage or apartment. These kinds of accommodation are customized for families; the house has multiple rooms and it allows you to share some facilities like the living room, balcony and kitchen. They are cheaper for families compared to booking different types of rooms.

Exploring the world with your family is priceless. You can have a wonderful trip on budget basis this season by visiting the destinations you have for long been longing to be at with your family. We have expertise in arranging family trips; ranging from luxury to budget family tours. Whether you want to hire a family car in Uganda for selrf drive trip or prefer the guided tours, we will be more than honored to serve you. For any inquires, kindly get in touch with us through info@ugandacarrentalservices.comor call our office on +256-700135510.

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