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Car Rental Tips For Business Travel in Uganda

Planning to travel to Uganda for a business trip this season? And perhaps it is your first time to visit the country for this particular reason. One of the most important things that will make your business trip is your travel comfort around Uganda; to and from your venue and other destinations involved in the trip. There is a long list of car rental companies ready to offer rental cars for any kind of travel. At Mumwe Global safaris, we boast the best cars ideal for business trips. However, this is not all! You need to have tips on how to rent the cars and in this article, we highlight the major things that will guide in the booking process and also help you have a successful and smooth trip.

Early booking

Making an early booking with your car rental company will help you to save some money.  Contact us early gives clients an opportunity to get a discount for their service.

Fuel at a trusted local gas station

If you want to have no issues during your trip around Kampala or other parts of the country, you are advised to refuel the car at specific gas stations. The car rental company will specify for you which stations they refuel from but the most trusted ones in Uganda are Shell, Total and City oil among others. It is also advisable to fuel the car from Kampala if you are travelling out of it because prices are higher in some areas.

Get details about availability of GPS

When booking for your rental car, find out if the rental company hires out their vehicles with a GPS. If yes, well and good and if no, then you can hire out one. A GPS saves time other than looking for directions to different locations.

Check details of car insurance

Before signing a contract with the service provider, find out if insurance is covered. It is advisable that when you are renting a car, go for one where its contract includes insurance. This makes your booking process smoother. And if insurance is not included in the contract, find out if you can get it covered using your credit card.

Read the car rental policy of the company      

For perfect preparation of your business trip, make sure to know all the items covered in the package of your rental car. In other words, read the car rental policy of the company you are hiring from. This will help you to know and prepare for any extra costs of the things that are not included in your quotation.

Business travelers looking for more information about the tips for hiring a car in Uganda can get in touch with us through info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us now on +256-700135510 toi speak directly to our reservations team.

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