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7 Clever Ways To Save On A Rental Car In Uganda In 2023

Since the decline of COVID-19 cases, the economy of Uganda has steadily risen up again including the tourism and travel sector and today marks the re-opening of all businesses in Uganda which is really good news for independents and big companies. As road trips in Uganda are coming back, there is a high demand for rental cars hence the rise in prices. The good news is that you don’t have to spend much money on rental cars, Uganda Car Rental Services has put up 8 clever tips to help you book a cheap rental car in Uganda for your next road trip in 2022 whether its a short business trip, adventure safari or leisure vacation.

1- Always book early – Reserving the car as early as you can is a great way to save money, as you soon as you book a flight to Uganda, endeavor to do the same with a rental car. This saves money by ensuring the company cannot increase a rate of a pre-booked car because of season changes or car change. Booking a rental car 3 weeks to a month prior to arrival is highly recommended and will not only save you money but also help you avoid the risk of missing out on your desired car.

2- Skip The Airport Car Pick-up – As convenient and safe as it may seem, getting your rental car at the airport is expensive due to the airport surcharges some of the car rental companies add. These airport transfer fees can be standalone prices or added to the overall rental amount and so be careful before booking and ask the reservations if there is any extra fee for picking up the car at the airport. Luckily we at Uganda car rental services don’t charge any extra fee for dropping of the rental at t Entebbe airport. Picking up your rental at the company office is an option you can try out to save money in 2022.

3- Shop around – Avoid sticking to the first company you find online or in a brochure and go shopping visiting numerous car rental agencies in Kampala city and beyond. Google is by far the best search engine in the world guaranteed to give you accurate results for some of the top trusted and reliable companies to book with, so go onlne and compare prices and fleet before inquiring. Search for discounts and special offers as well to save money on your rental.

4- Opt for economy cars – If you want to cut on your car rental budget, then it’s highly recommended to book an economy car in Uganda. Small rental cars are cheaper than larger cars hence reserving a small and affordable vehicle guarantees a low rate that can easily fit your travel budget hence saving money. Just make sure you book an economy car that can fit both passengers and their cargo comfortably. Some of the top economy or cheap cars for hire in Uganda include the 4×4 Rav4 & Toyota Premio, Spacio, Raum, Vitz, Allex, Corolla all available for self-drive.

5- Forego Car rental extras – The majority of the companies make money off extra Uganda car rental services & items including camping gear, GPS, child seats, airport transfers, travel maps, SIM card & phone among others. You can easily forego these extras and save some money by boarding with them. You won’t need a GPS or travel map when you can use Google Maps.

6- Stick to one driver – Avoid extra expenses most car hire agencies charge for an extra driver and use one for the whole road trip. Some companies accept two drivers if they both have International Driver Licenses and are over the age of 23 but others insert charges per extra driver and the only way to avoid such charges is as simple as being only one driver. In case of any collision or mechanical problem caused by an extra unauthorized driver, you will have to pay heavily for that.

7- Avoid one-way rentals – Renting a car in Uganda for a 1-day one-way road trip is very expensive especially if the destination is far away from the city. The lower the number of days, the higher the price meaning a one-way trip is likely to cost higher than a 2 or more days trip.

Planning to road trip Uganda in 2022 in a private rental car, we hope the above car rental tips help you save money and enjoy a pocket-friendly road trip in the Pearl Of Africa. To rent a car in Uganda online, simply get in touch with us today by sending an email to or call us now on +256-700135510 to speak directly to the reservations team.

By Bryan Hulk

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