June 13, 2024

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The 4 Most Common Car Emergencies & How To Handle Them

A car breakdown is a mechanical or electrical fault or failure that prevents an automobile from functioning properly on or off the road. The experience of a car stalling on the road is every driver’s nightmare especially if you are a hired chauffeur or tour guide, you don’t want to disappoint the clients in any way, especially on a panned road trip. A car breakdown will manifest in numerous ways including dead battery, leaks, poor fuel quality, car age, fuel pressure to mention but a few.

As uncertain as these breakdowns are, there a 4 very common car emergencies that almost every driver has experienced and we at Uganda Car Rental Services will be more than happy to show you how to handle them.

1- Flat Tire – A deflate will cause the wheel rim to mount on the treads which not only causes damage to the tire but may lead to a potential accident due to loss of steering control. The most common cause of a flat tire is a piecing from a sharp object like a nail or strong pin and depending on the size of the fracture, the car tire will deflate slowly or so fast you will hear it bust. The best way to fix a flat tire is by replacing it with spare tire , so always make user you drive with at least 2 spare tires to avoid getting stuck on the road.

2- Dead battery – This is by far the most common car breakdown in the world mainly caused to irresponsible handling of the car battery like low liquid levels, leaving headlights on, loose battery code connection or corrosion, extreme outside temperatures, age, too many short drives among others. The best way to fix a dead battery is a jump start also known as battery boost where you temporarily connect your battery to another vehicle’s battery or power source so it can get recharged. h

3 – Overheated engine – A car engine will easily overheat if there is something wrong with the cooling system that does allow heat to escape easily leading to a breakdown. Other issues that may overheat the engine include a faulty radiator fan or a broken water pump. The best way to fix an overheated engine is by simply topping the coolant levels of the radiator by simply using water.

4- Getting stuck – Road & weather conditions greatly affect the movements of a car easily leading to a car getting stuck during a road trip. Rough terrain can easily be handled by a 4×4 but that doesn’t mean the car can handle a slippery or muddy road easily and in case you get stuck on a muddy road, then it’s time to call your Uganda car rental company or tow agency to bail you out.

Honorable mention – Locking yourself outside.

These common car breakdowns and emergencies can easily happen to anyone, so always make sure you are prepared if you don’t want any inconveniences along the road trip. However, if you plan to hire a car and driver in Uganda for your next road trip, then you won’t have to worry about any of these emergencies as your personal driver or guide will handle all of them with ease.

By Bryan Muhoozi


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