June 13, 2024

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Tips To Help You Stay Alert On A Road Trip In Uganda

A road trip long or short is always an amazing adventure but dont forget that it can all go wrong if you make a mistake on the road. Driving while tired is one of the most common mistakes made by travelers, one second of poor concentration can lead to an accident and that’s why we strongly advice you to stay awake & alert if you plan on having a long-distance road trip in Uganda. Uganda Car Rental Services has put together a few tips to help you keep alert and safe when behind the steering wheel.

Plan ahead – Before you embark on a road trip in Uganda, make sure you have had enough rest, add breaks or stop-overs to your self drive itinerary, avoid heavy meals as they can make you sleepy at any time of the day, strictly avoid drinking alcohol or any intoxicating drink or drug as it can cause poor vision & concentration. Always put the phone away when driving and if you expect calls that need toi be answered, we recommend you get a bluetooth ear piece.

Acknowledge the traffic signs – Another tip to help you keep alert while on road trip is by acknowledging the traffic signs , any distraction can kill your focus. Keeping your eyes glued on the road and traffic signs will help you stay sharp, wide wake & attentive hence you can be guaranteed to have a safe road trip.

Open the car windows – As much as most travelers prefer to enclose themselves in a car and switch on the air-conditioner, opening the windows and letting the fresh air blow in will keep the driver alert and awake. Most of the roads in the remote regions of Uganda are not well constructed so you can always expect dust hence you can use the air conditioner on such bit when on a well tarmced road, just let the windows down and feel the wind blow .

Get a driving partner– Always avoid driving long distances alone , you can go with a companion to converse with or take turns driving in order to avoid getting sleepy because of exhaustion or boredom. Your partner not only helps you keep alert during the road trip but also adds that extra security and may come in hady in case of any mechanical problem.

Caffeine Drinks – If you don’t want to doze along the road trip, you should consider taking a cup or two of caffeinated drinks like coffee, even sodas like Pepsi & Coca cola. You can also pack some energy drinks like Rock boom, Power play, Sting to mention but a few.

The most important tips however are always to have enough rest and constant breaks along the road trip, if you plan on visiting Uganda for safari, business or leisure road trip, the above tips will help you stay alert and safe when behind the steering wheel. To book a rental car in Uganda today, simply send an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.

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