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7 Steps to Booking Your Tour in Uganda

Of late, tours in Uganda are on the increase as it is now one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa, with various places to visit including Bwindi Impenetrable National Park famed for gorilla trekking, Kibale national park whose major attraction are the chimpanzees, Murchison Falls National Park well known for the Murchison falls which are the strongest waterfalls in the world and Queen Elizabeth national park where prides of tree climbing lions and other wildlife are watched. Apart from these and other nature reserves, guided Uganda tours can also include places of a different kind such as islands, towns and local communities.

With its warm climate, beautiful landscape, friendly people and other breathtaking natural features, the nickname “Pearl of Africa” perfectly suits Uganda. If you want to organise a tour to explore the country, here are the 7 steps that you will go through.

1. How to book for the trip

The most efficient and recommended way to book for your trip in Uganda is through registered tour operators who offer fully guided tours. For more flexibility, some travellers choose to plan for their tours themselves but still get some services such as car for self drive from local service providers like car rental agencies and tour operators. Either way, you are advised to make enough reseacrh so that you can have a safe trip.

2. Decide on your budget

The second step is making a deciosn on how much you want to spend on the tour. When you consult a tour operator about the safaris, specifying the number of days of your safari, they offer Uganda tour packages of different prices to allow you choose one that favors your budget. These packages normally include costs of accomodation, transport, driver, meals plus park entrance fees and activities if you wish to visit any park. Costs of Visas and flights are catered for separately by the traveller. However, if you have organised the trip yourself, then you will make payments of most activities yourself. Travelling through a tour operator makes it easier to get a clear budget of the tour unlike self drive trips whereby you do not know how it will go.

3. Find out the price of flights

As earlier mentioned, wether you are booking through a travel operator or on a privately arranged trip, costs of flights on a Uganda tour are fully catered by the traveller. You know which airline you wish to travel with depending on the prices of their tickets. You can therefore make a decision on which one fits your budget and the quality of flight services you want.

4. Visa costs and application procedures

It is important to start processing the Visa early enough to avoid higher charges of rapid procession. Visit the embassy to find out more and also inquire about the vaccinations you need to take before travelling to prevent illnesses while at or after visiting the destination. There is a risk of yellow fever across Uganda and therefore you are advised to have the vaccine and obtain a Yellow Fever Immunisation Certificate before traveling. This must be presented when entering the country. The risk of malaria in Uganda is also high, seek advice from your doctor before travel.

5. Check out accomodations at each destination you will visit

If you are on a privately arranged tour, this becomes your fifth step. Right from Entebbe near the airport, Kampala to different destinations across the country, there are several lodges and hotels for different categories of travelers. They range from budget, midrange to luxury plus camping sites. You can check them out online, find out the quality of their services, the prices and make bookings if required to especillay if you plan to travel during the peak season. Remember to check customer reviews of the hotel or lodge to know what you are going for.

6. Additional items to make the trip extraordinary

Any trip comprises of major items and then those extra things that make it more enjoyable. In uganda, major things to do on a Uganda tour are wildlife viewing, primate tracking, hiking and whitewater rafting with overnights being spent in boutique lodgesa nd hotels. You can spice up your safari by adding cultural encounters, short boat rides like the Bunyonyi canoe ride and city tours. Camping is another way of making your tour in Uganda more delightful. For extraordinary comfort, stay in high-end accomodations to get an additional touch of luxury.

7. Arrange your itinerary

The most exciting part of this process is putting down the itinerary your Uganda tour and this is the final step. If you are hiring a car from a car hire company, you can ask your service provider for advice on the best destinations to visit during the season of the year. If you are planning for the safari through an agency or tour operator, you will simply adjust or make suggestions on the itinerary provided.

With the above essential steps to booking a Uganda tour, be assured of experiencing a memorable safari or vacation. It is an easy way to get to this naturally endowed country and have a lifetime trip. For tour inquiries, contact us through    through info@ugandasafaribookings.com or call our expert travel consultants on +256-700135510/ +256 414-699459.

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