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Top Tips for Travelling With Kids in Uganda This Season

Are you dreaming of traveling with your little kids around “The Pearl of Africa” but still indecisive about it because you think it might be a hassle. Uganda has a relatively small population in relation to the total land area- about 45 million people on the land of about 77,400 square miles. However much it is often a challenge to travel with kids for any trip, Uganda makes it quite easy to go through it since it is not congested.

In this article, we bring you the tips that will help you travel with your kids this season without facing stress and tension from such trips.

Book a trip that is friendly for the kids

Make thorough research about the places you wish to go to in Uganda so that you can book a safari that is favourable for kids. When you consider places that are freindly for kids, it becomes easy to carry on activities with confidence that your kids are having a good time too. For example, if you want to visit Jinja, activities such as boat cruises and whitewater rafting can be booked for family tours. Also, when choosing accommodation, book those that can offer wonderful wildlife opportunities because you may not do as many safari rides as you would have done without kids.

Don’t carry a stroller

If you are planning to mainly visit places such as national parks and spend less time in towns, then you don’t need to come along with a stroller. Besides, the roads of Uganda do not have lanes for strollers and bikes. Therefore if you have a toddler and your tour includes some movements around town, it is advisable that you carry a baby carrier.

You need a car seat

Just like you always need a seat belt when traveling anywhere, your toddler to needs a car seat. It keeps them safe and comfortable during travel. You can carry one if you can and if not, then you can hire. Consult your travel consultant for details of hiring the car seat. 

Travel light

When going for a long safari with kids in Uganda, do not pack too much. Pack only what you really need. Carrying alot of clothes and stuff will strain as you squeeze them into the car every time. It also takes you alot of time to find something as well as increasing chances of losing them. Some lodges in Uganda offer free laundry services and this helps you to reuse the clothes at the destination.

You can fly the long distances

A road trip is really great and fun but you may not like it if it requires you to spend the whole day on the road because you are traveling with kids. Most road trips in Uganda require long driving hours hence staying long in the car, but if you are planning a family trip that includes kids, you are advised to limit on driving hours. If the trip is very long, for example from Kampala to Kidepo Valley national park, you can fly with charter flights.

Travel with some snacks

While flying and on the ground on the road trip, make sure you have some snacks and drinks with you. This is because babies, toddlers, and young kids every time they are thirsty and hungry, yet you will reach some points where you cannot access a supermarket or quick store. Kids never want to know how far it will take them to have the next meal, so be prepared with enough snacks and drinks.

Follow the SOP’s

As you travel with your kids, endeavor to follow all the COVID-19 SOP’s. This keeps your entire family safe. You are highly advised to use face masks at all times. You are also recommended to keep a distance of at least 2 meters from other people, to frequently and thoroughly wash hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand rub with at least 60% alcohol and these can be appalied with kids.

Let these tips remove the doubts about traveling with kids but inspire you about long and short-distance travel. When arranging for family trips that include kids, we pretty make sure that they and their parents or guardians enjoy the tour. Contact us today for your kid trip in Ugandaby sending an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us on +256-700135510 / +256 414-699459.

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