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All You Need To Know About Kisoro District

At first glance, Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo appear to share some of the problems that face many African nations. The people in each country are dependent primarily on substance agriculture and have gone through traumatic periods of conflict, which have left them struggling to survive. As in much of the world, the lives of many of people are focused on their day-to-day survival and the long-term future is too distant to be concerned. This region is also unique, however, in that it is one of the five most important regions of the world in terms of biodiversity and species endemism. And it has a special resource that is found nowhere else in the world: The Mountain Gorilla.

Kisoro district will open up a new world to you as you explore several features and attractions that will make your trip to the area worthy of all your time and energy. With several attractions that will be eye-catching, it is clear to assert that Kisoro is a hidden gem in south-western Uganda ready to be discovered by people.

Kisoro district contains the Virunga Volcanos that separates the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kisoro district in Uganda and Rwanda, and Bwindi impenetrable Forest was first discovered by British explorers in 1861.It was later, in 1902, that the gorillas were discovered. However, the mountain Gorilla species was made famous through the research of Dian Fossey, and today this species’ survival depends more on the local people of Kisoro district in Uganda than any other factor question remains whether. local human needs can be met while saving the critical habitat these animals need for survival.it is the only place on earth where mountain Gorillas occur naturally.

Pressure for land and years of conflict have put these gentle giants in the crossfire. The need for income has put the gorilla at risk from the illegal trafficking of young gorillas, and from poaching for food, although gorillas are not generally eaten in this region, snares set for other animals can inflict serious damage. A gorilla can lose a hand or a foot to a snare, with the subsequent risk of infection and death. The constant pressure on the gorillas has taken a high toll over the years

In addition to the above, Kisoro District contains the volcanic mountain known as Mt Muhavura, the two forest blocks {Bwindi impenetrable forest and Virunga forest, comprised of Mugahinga Gorilla National Park are home to the remaining mountain Gorillas in the world. The Bwindi impenetrable national park covers {124 square miles} 321 square kilometers and the Virunga forest {276 square miles}444 square kilometers. The Virunga forest includes a chain of six dormant volcanoes. {nearby, the rest of the Virunga national park, covering 7800 square kilometers {4847 square miles}, contains two active volcanoes. that is sabyinyo and Muhavura. While in Kisoro, you can hike the Virunga mountains where you will see several attractions like golden monkeys that are usually found in the bamboo forest of the mountains because they are a delicacy to them and usually you can find different gorilla families on the different mountain slopes and on the Ugandan side, you will find the Nyakagezi gorilla family on the slopes of Mount Sabyinyo.

  • Garama Caves: The Garama caves have a rich history ready to be told by the guide at the site, Garama caves go way back in the early years during the Bantu and The Batwa when they were fighting of the fertile lands and because the Bantu were mainly farmers, they wanted to settle in the fertile lands which didn’t settle well in the ears of the Batwa who fought against them to keep the land but because the Bantu were many, they were able to chase them away but in the process the Batwa  flee and disappeared in the forest which was not the case because they hid in the Garama caves where they lived and made their home and forest which meant they survived on the forest products, fruit gathering, hunting small creatures in the forest which is quite an interesting story once told
  • Batwa people: while on your trip to Mgahinga national park, you can opt to visit the forest where the Batwa people who have an interesting lifestyle if compared to today’s lifestyle. Even with modernity, the group of people has not changed much which is a great a quite unique trait about them.
  • Golden Monkeys: The golden monkeys are part of the different primates that can be found in Kisoro’s Mgahinga national park.

While on your primate safari, you can combine Golden monkey tracking and gorilla and gorilla trekking to have the best experience.

In conclusion, visiting Kisoro district will give you a number of options when it comes to activities and attractions to look at but the most popular of them all and the one that should not be missed out on are the incredible mountain gorillas that can be trekked and habituated at any given time of the year. You can rent a car in Kisoro district for self drive or guided tour , we at Uganda Car Rental services will be more than happy to offer you a suitable 4×4 for a comfortable and safe journey to one fo Uganda’s most remote destinations. Get in touch with us today by sending an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us now on +256-700135510 to speak to the reservations team.

By Muhire Allen

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