June 13, 2024

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Rent A Car And Drive Yourself In Uganda

Are you planning to go for a visit or tour to Uganda this peak season starting July through to October, then take a look at some of the self driven cars option with your car rental agency in Uganda. Self driven cars or hiring a car on self drive in Uganda is now a common practice and you are sure to find a car in all major towns in Uganda at any time of the year. Therefore you can gladly choose a self drive safari over a guided tour if you are the type of traveler that likes to do things their way, enjoy their privacy and pace and as well adventure the country themselves.

Below are some tips on what to look up when you choose to rent a car in Uganda on self drive;

1# Variety of Choice

when you plan to hire a car on self drive, have a variety of choices for cars that you can pick from. A number of car rental agencies will feature a number of vehicles under various categories ranging from saloon cars, SUVs, to Min vans, therefore look up for the options that would meet your travel needs best so that you do not get what you do not want.

2# Hidden Expenditures & Costs

Take time to inquire from the car rental agency about the hidden costs and expense so that you do not meet and surprise at the end of the day. Paying something out of your budget is so much disturbing and therefore you must know whether there are other costs apart from the rental cost. such costs come in on issues concerning insurance, parking fees, toll charges etc

3# Flexibility to Pick up an drop off points

Ask about the options for picking up the car, whether you can pick the car at the airport or any other location of your choice. Some car rental companies charge airport delivery and car pick up. Therefore it is best to ask about any extra costs that come with car delivery and pick up, well you may fins others that offer these options for free, which is a good deal.

To rent a car in Uganda for a self drive trip, send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call our office at 0700135510

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