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Drive From Kampala To Gulu- Road Trip

When we talk about the Northern part of Uganda, Gulu is one of the main districts and major towns one can look and consider as a perfect destination. Considering the cultural set up, the economy and linguistically, the Northern part of the country has been a world apart and Unique. When choose to have a drive from Kampala to  Gulu, then you  have made the best choice because there is a lot of jaw dropping experiences and sightseeing ranging from the beautiful plateaus, open savannah grasslands, a number of grass thatched homesteads and the people alone are very  welcoming. From a travel point of view , one can hire a car in Gulu to  Murchison falls and Kidepo National parks or visit the numerous NGOs and projects that famously cropped out in Gulu town.

Well geographically the sense of location and belonging we attribute it to Lake Kyoga which is a center piece for the Northern region and as well made a clear division between the western Bantu groups and the Northern part of the country. With a poor history  of insecurity  due to  the LRA rebels, this region of the country  has currently stabilized and life hear moves on like nothing ever happened. The road network has been greatly improved with clear roads and road signed planted every thus making this region a perfect place to visit when you hire a car in Uganda with a driver or on self drive.

Genuinely Gulu has a number of attractions and stopovers one can make while on the drive to Gulu as well. If you have enough time on your trip, you  can opt for a stop at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary  to  trek the white Rhinos that have been habituated at the sanctuary. Some visitors may opt to spend a night here while others can proceed with their drive to Gulu. Or options of visiting Murchison Falls National park are also an interesting choice. The park in on the highway to Gulu, you can opt to Branch off from Masindi or proceed on Gulu road and use other gates like Tangi etc. Apart from the wildlife attractions the Karuma falls and Kafu River add color to your drive as well. Spot the baboons feeding and playing by the bridge but be very careful not let one get into your car or to knock any down. To the North of Gulu one can visit the Baker’s fort at Patiko

There are a number of moderate hotels available for accommodation, they may not 5 star categories but they are moderate enough to accommodate any upmarket person. Most of these can offer both local and international dishes as well as free Wi-Fi.  Apart from hotels there are number rental apartments for those wishing to stay for a long period of time.

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