May 27, 2024

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All You Need To Know About Self Drive Car Rental In Uganda

Uganda, in an ecological nutshell, is where the eastern Savannah meets the West African jungle- and it really does offer visitors on self drive rentals the best of both these fantastic worlds. In no other African destination can one see a comparable variety of primates with so little effort, not just the great apes, but also more than ten monkey species, as well as the tiny wide-eyed bush baby and peculiar potto. Uganda is by far one of most famous places for self drive safaris in East Africa and it has become a very special and favorable destination to have self drive rentals for all year round.

Today Uganda has a number of good road networks and hence favorable for a number of Self drive packages one can be part of. Whether you are looking at short or long-term self-drive package, in Uganda, you will find the best options you can choose from. First of all choose a trusted car rental company in Uganda with professional travel consultants that can guide you on choosing the best itineraries for a self-drive safari in Uganda. People can choose from a variety of rental cars ranging from saloon cars, 4×4 Vehicles, vans to luxury vehicles at affordable rates thus making self drive are a best option.

Currently, by contrast, practically every major attraction along the main tourist circuits is serviced by at least one luxury lodge and /or tented camps and all these factors have enabled visitors of self drive to  find their way easily and enjoy the trip.

The main entrance of the country is Entebbe international airport and many self drive rentals start at the airport, tour operators will deliver the car to you at the airport as long as you have given in the right flight details. More to that one can have starting point in a preferred part of the country as well as round trips and one way rentals.

If you decide to rent a self drive vehicle, check it over carefully and ask to take it for a test drive. Actually even if you are not knowledgeable about working of engines, a few minutes on the road are enough to  tell you  whether the car can do a safari  or not. It is strongly not recommended for many visitors on self drive to drive at night because many cars on the road do not have fully functional headlights and most roads are narrow. Secondly many cars park on the road side and do not show any reflectors or signs of the parked cars alongside the roads hence causing many fatal road accidents. Understand the traffic flow of the country and know that Uganda we keep left and these ideas will direct you.

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