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Step By Step Guide To Driving In Automatic Car

Some of the most experienced drivers in the world love to use manual transmission cars mainly because these cars consume less fuel than the automatic transmission cars plus they are less likely to break down than their opposite. However, if you’re looking for affordable rental cars with easy driving, then you should choose an automatic car for a swift road trip. The easy gear changing offers you unlimited convenience making steering, accelerating, reversing and braking the easiest chore on earth.

Just booked an automatic rental car in Uganda for self drive, here are step-by-step guide to starting and driving it.

Starting the car

  • Insert the car key in the ignition.
  • Keep the full brake pedal pressed and shift into a driving position.
  • Release the parking brake and foot brake then start the car gradually.

Automatic Transmission Gears + Uses

P Parking.       

R Reverse.      

N Neutral line (free). 

D Drive.           

1&2 Low gears



Use this position together with the parking brake when parking on a hilly place. First, apply the parking brake and then shift into the “P” position.


Use this position to back up or rewind. Only use it after ensuring that the car has completely stopped moving.


Neither forward nor reverse once this gear is engaged. The engine can be started in this position. You may shift to “N” and restart a strolled engine while the car is moving.

  • D (DRIVE)

Use this position for all normal forward driving.


Use this gear for hill climbing or engine braking on downhill grades or while starting a slippery road. Do not shift into this gear at a position at a speed of over 90km/hr. do not exceed 90km/hr. on Z24 engine models and 80km/hr. on Z20 engine models while in gear 2.


Use this position while climbing steep hills slowly, driving through deep snow, sand or mud and maximum engine braking on steep slopes. Do not shift into gear one while at a speed of over 90km/hr. on a Z24 engine model and 40km/hr. on a Z20 engine model.

If you still wondering how to drive an automatic car, the above steps and gear information will help any first-time driver. To book an automatic rental car in Uganda for self drive trip, simply contact us now by sending an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us now on +256-774292820

By Mugisha Rogers

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