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9 Useful Tips for a Safe Self Drive Trip in Uganda

Self-drive trips have become popular in Uganda with tourists as well locals preferring to drive themselves to a destination. This option offers privacy and itinerary flexibility and is more affordable than going with driver. If you are planning to do self drive safari in Uganda this month,  then you need to follow the guidelines below for a safe and comfortable road trip.

Inspect the car.
This is the most important tip you cant overlook when you rent a car in any part of Uganda. Check the basic car parts and see if there are in good condition, the tyres, engine water levels, headlights and oil should be your first items on the checklist then others like AC, seats and windows can come later. For more info read about steps to follow before driving a car.

Book A GPS
You will need a GPS (Global Positioning System) if you are traveling in the country for the first time and still haven’t yet got a hang of the routes to parks and any other destination you will be visiting. Uganda Car Rental Services offers GPS devices and an updated travel map to clients free of charge to help our clients enjoy a self drive trip without getting lost.

Obey traffic regulations
Try not to break any traffic laws when driving on Ugandan roads as this will lead to police penalties and even worse, an accident . Don’t take on narrow roads, drive slow, wear your seat belt and most importantly, don’t drink and drive. You will be guaranteed and safe and comfortable self-drive road trip if take the traffic signs seriously.

Dont drive at night
There are only a few roads with street lights and some up-country destinations have high-way car thieves ready to pounce on any night travelers and case of a breakdown, it will be very hard to get assistance any where during the night hours so we strongly recommend you don’t travel at night.

Fuel up
Make sure you drive on full tank before you leave the city or any nearby town as there are a few gas stations near national parks. Pack an extra fuel jerrycan as back-up in case you run out gas during the road trip. You don’t want to get stuck on game track or remote road

Don’t drive when tired.
If you are feeling drowsy, then you should hand over the driving wheel to a friend or just take a short refreshment break to avoid an unwanted road accident. Travel with some drinking water and try not to sleep late of you know you will driving early in the morning.

Watch out for weather changes
Control your driving speed when it starts raining or just pull over until the weather calms down. The up-country Murram roads are not very easy to pass through even when you are driving a 4×4 car so try not to rush.

Follow Park Rules- You need to be very careful and not break any regulations during a game drive in any of Uganda’s parks. The rules are found on a board close to the entrance gate so you can’t miss them, take some time and read through or just take a picture and save it on you phone or digital camera. The driving speed in a park is limited to 40 km/hr and you will be fined US$ 150 if you get off the game tracks. other rules include no littering, not blowing your car horn, stay inside the car when amid wild animals.

Don’t Over speed
Last but not least, control your speed if you want to get where you are going in one piece and avoid being pulled over by traffic officers. There are many narrow roads in Uganda some of which are in poor condition with dusty surfaces and potholes to add on so you have to drive at a speed indicated on the signposts on different road stretches.

To rent a car for self-drive safari in Uganda as solo tourist, couple/ family or small group, simply send us an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations manager.

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