June 13, 2024

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Here at Uganda Car Rental Services, we are so delighted and proud to offer quality and trust worthy long term car rental services across Uganda the Pearl of Africa. The long term car hire services that we provide are affordable and ideal for everyone looking to rent a car in Uganda for 3months, 6 months, 12 months and more. We have a wide fleet that can cover up the long term rental and in case of any problem with the car; you are assured of a rescue vehicle in the shortest time possible.  The car rental rates that we offer are extremely competitive and can be affordable for many of the clients, whether on self drive long term rental or with a driver. Our cars come with fully comprehensive insurance and are highly maintained to be available for the long term rental service

Our Uganda long term car hire service aims at offering our clients incredible and impressive choice  from our wide range of cars that include high quality  brands ranging from saloon cars, 4×4 SUVs, vans, and many executive high end cars. At Uganda Car Rental Services, we strongly and ably believe in offering our clients flexible service and therefore we do not mainly look at getting them into undesirable long term car rental agreements that are most times tough and quite difficult to get out of. For that reason, we always encourage our clients of long term rental to increase or decrease their rental days whenever they wish too as long as it is with in the 30 days rental obligation. Furthermore there is no booking fee or deposit for the long term car rental; you can only make payment on your day of car delivery. As part of our incredible service, the rates that we offer our clients include 24-hour emergency assistance, car maintenance and recovery. When you rent a car with Uganda Car Rental Services, you are assured of reliable service and full support from the team.

Are looking for services that can satisfy and a company that will offer you the best value for your money, when it comes to  long term car hire in Uganda, Uganda Car Rental Services has the best to  offer you  that will leave you  with positive reviews. We have done our best to build a great clientele base by offering our clients vehicles that a fully equipped with all necessary amenities, including car jakes, airbags, air conditioning, spare tyres, comprehensive insurance and so much more. For those on long term rentals and prefer drivers, we have a number or professional and well trained drivers that have knowledge about different destinations in the country. They are just not drivers, they  are company members and will surely be your trustworthy and reliable partners for the whole of your trip.

To hire a car in Uganda on long term, send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us at +256700135510

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