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Top 10 Most Asked Question About Wedding Cars In Uganda

Planning a wedding is a new experience to many couples and some of them find it really tough and stressing. Finding a little assistance in your planning saves the day and below is listed top 10 asked wedding cars questions.

1# what type of wedding transportation should I choose?

Try as much as possible to look at your wedding theme and style as a couple, well people have different desires, but you must come to a one solution that favors both sides. Most brides today go for modern styles and cars like the Mercedes Benz, jaguars, Range Rover, Super luxury like the limousine, BMW and so many more, you can choose to go classic or old times with vintage cars like the Rolls-Royce, beetles and the ford.

2# When to book my wedding transportation

You should think about booking your wedding car as soon as you can. Note that many of the popular wedding cars are booked in advance so by the time you make up your mind, you may find when your type of car choice has been booked up. Note that if you have liked the car, then someone else out there admired it even before you did, so book in advance to even get wide choice of fleet and low rates.

3# Wedding transportation for my Guests

Much as you are thinking about your bridal cars, you need to know how your guest will move to the venue of the wedding. There are a number of rental vans and buses that can transport your guests. Sit down and calculate the number of people that you are transporting to get the bus that fits the guests’ size. Let your guests enjoy the champagne without worrying about the way they will reach the wedding venue.

4# How many cars do  I need to  hire for my wedding

Many couples usually hire 3 cars for wedding in Uganda, with one for the bride and groom while the other 2 carry the bridesmaids and parents of the couple. You can have as many cars as you wish for your convoy depending on your financial budget

5# How Many People can sit in one car

Bridals car will have a capacity of 4 seats up 8 seats; some brides would prefer to transport all the entrouge and parents in one car seating 7 people. You can hire bridal cars to take up bride’s maids and vans to carry guests or buses since they have a large seating capacity. If the venue of the wedding is just a few minutes’ drive, then you can use one car to collect all the guests.

6# When does the Car arrive at the wedding ceremony

To make sure that you are on the safe side, the wedding cars must arrive at the collection point at least 15 minutes before departure time. If you know your wedding venue is between areas that have heavy traffic or busy roads, you need to have ample time to drive between locations to have ceremony move smoothly with in the time frame.

7# If we Think of cancelling our wedding

When you go to book your wedding cars, ask about the cancellation policy some car rental agencies ask for a deposit when booking the car which is nonrefundable while others will charge you extra costs if you cancel 2-3 months prior to your wedding.

8# How to decorate wedding cars

We always get so many questions about wedding car decoration, what to  do and what not to do, and all we advise is that keep it simple, make your decoration worth to  look at not too much to  loose meaning, use products that are safe to  the body of the car not to  destroy the exterior beauty of the vehicle. Obviously the bridal car will have something different from other vehicles, with décor that is so captivating and memorable.

9# How to save money on your wedding

If your wedding venue is quite close, you can save on transport by hiring a few cars and do a couple of trip for the bride’s maid and guests. You can use one car to transport a number of people than hiring so many cars thus spending much on car rental and fuel.

10# Can we get a discount on our wedding cars

If you have booked your wedding cars with one company, then you can ask for a discount since you have offered them great business. All in all if you like the cars and can afford the price, and then go for it, after all you only wed once.

Planning a wedding in Uganda and searching for the ideal wedding car to hire, we hope the above questions will help you get the right car at the best possible price. You can contact us now by sending an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.

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