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Top 5 Best Wedding Venues In Uganda For Spectacular Ocassion

When we talk about planning a wedding in Uganda, there are many ideas that come into play and all these are very important in order to have a successful wedding day. Of course, the wedding car hire is one of the biggest portions of the day, how the bride and groom shall be transported and other guests, we as well think about the wedding cake, flowers, food, drinks and so many more. But it is the wedding venue that packs the biggest style blow. Every couple has different preferences and test and all these can determine the perfect wedding venue for the day. The venues may vary by the side of guest invites, budget of the couples, distance and so many others. Let us at Uganda Car Rental Services, help you  choose the best wedding venue for you  and below are so options you can think about.

1- Hotels

There are many hotels in Uganda spread in different towns of the country, whether you are in the capital city Kampala or further districts; you will find a hotel that can offer wedding services. Hotels in most time are preferred because couples usually get offers from such like discounted rates on meals, tents, music systems and most hotels are so eye-catching with beautiful architectural designs that will bring a jaw-dropping moment especially when perfect décor is added. Hotels can as well be secure for guests that have their own cars with perfect parking space for everyone.

2- Botanical gardens

Botanical gardens are so much ideal for the best wedding venues especially in the dry seasons. Avoid the heat of an indoor even with the option of a botanical garden, the gardens provide you so much space and so  much nature to interact with. The gardens can be very favorable for children as well because there is enough space for them to play around minus disturbing the adults. Botanical gardens as well present great background for photography and all the décor can match very well with nature.

3- Beach side

There is nothing so relaxing, romantic and beautiful like a lakeside view on the white sand beaches. This is the best wedding venue, especially for guest that want an only adult party. There isn’t so much to do with décor especially for weddings at the beach, the beach is already beautiful itself therefore you can save so much on the décor options. Uganda is gifted with a number of beaches and it can be a unique idea to choice a beachside wedding venue in Uganda.

4- Churches

While many couples prefer hotels, gardens, beaches, some couple would really want to keep it simple and have their wedding venue at the churchyard. Some churches like Rubaga Cathedral, Namirembe Cathedral, Miracle center churches and other churches around town, have beautifully developed their back yards to host many parties inclusive of wedding parties as well. Churches can also offer part of the interior to host a wedding venue even without using the yard and this is very friendly for those on a tight budget and those that have many guest and would not want to have a lot of commotion on the wedding day.

5- Islands

Be unique, be special, and try out a different wedding venue from the usual, try out a wedding at the Island. Many couples want to go to the islands for honeymoon holidays but you can have a wedding venue at the Ssese islands. The Ssese islands have been well developed to host people on parties, tourism purposes and so many more. Organize a boat cruise to the island for all your guest to  the wedding venue and arrive in style. Such wedding venues are perfect a limited number of people but the leisure is maximum and very memorable.

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