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5 Best Tips For Renting Cars In Uganda In 2022

Renting a car is as expensive if not more than your accommodation costs and that’s why you need to be careful and get a great deal that fits your travel budget without intruding on your personal interests. As COVID-19 cases are a thing of a myth these days, tourism has climbed back to the top and more travelers visit Uganda for safari, business or leisure. However, this influx of tourists heavily affects the price of rental cars in Uganda or any other destination due to high demand which means you may not be able to get a fair deal when you book during the high season months, which are basically the best time to travel.

To help you save some money on your road trip holiday in 2022, we at Uganda Car Rental Services are sharing some top tips for renting cars in Uganda at the most affordable price.

Tips For Renting Cars

1- Compare Prices

The best and most confirmed car rental pricing strategy is comparing prices online using a search engine or car rental directory. There a variety of car rental companies in Uganda and the best way to narrow down the search is by choosing the top 10 or 20 and then checking out the ones with the best price for your desired rental car. Look out for discounts and special offers as you compare car rates.

2- Book Weekly car rental

Another useful car rental tip that will help you save money is a weekly booking but this applies if you plan on staying in Uganda for a week or more. If you plan on exploring Uganda in a rental car for a few days, we recommend you ask for the weekly rate, truth is you will pay less when you book the car for seven days than when for less than a week and here is how. This is al comes into play because of the long-term car rental deal which lowers the price the more the number of days.

3- Avoid Picking Up The Car At Airport

Another car rental tip to help you get a cheap car rental in Uganda in 2022 is simply avoiding car pick up at the Entebbe airport. Some of the car rental companies will add a secret car transfer fee to your car rental price while others like Uganda car rental services offer free delivery of the car to the airport. You can decide to pick up the car at the agency office or have them deliver it at your hotel or residence in Kampala city.

4- Book As Early As Possible

Booking weeks or months before your planned travel date is very crucial to any money-saving car rental deal. You will avoid alot of issues when you book early such as increments in car rental price due to season or missing out on your desired rental car in Uganda because its already reserved for someone else. So basically, when you tie down your car reservations, you will get that peace of mind to help you plan for other things for the holiday.

5- Forego car rental extras

Another money-saving tip to help you get that cheap car rental in 2022 is by simply ignoring all the car real extras the companies put forward or you may require. Some of the extras you can ditch include the GPS which can be substituted with your phone’s Google Map , airport transfer which can be substituted with an UBER , childseats, full fuel tank to mention but a few.

Planning to rent a car in Uganda in 2022 and would love to save some money on any rental car, the above car rental tips will help you achieve that. To inquire about a rental car or service today, simply get in touch with us by sending an email to info@ugadacarrentaservices.com or call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with us now.

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